Hailing from the country of England which has produced a vast list of legendary bands including Depeche Mode, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles can be a rather difficult task to follow up when deciding you want to start a band. Thankfully Sheffield, England’s local metalcore residents, Bring Me The Horizon were up to the task. Fusing together the genres of death metal and metalcore to create the sound most notably called deathcore. Returning to the states after a slot on the 2009 Rockstar Taste Of Chaos earlier this year, Bring Me The Horizon hits the road with fellow Epitaph labelmates, Every Time I Die for a full US tour. I was briefly able to chat with drummer Matt Nicholls and bassist Matt Kean about their new remix album, Suicide Season – Cut Up and how they landed the talent that they did.

Recently we sat down with Bring Me The Horizon’s bass player Matthew Keane and drummer Matt Nicholls to discuss their current tour and plans for their new record.

SoCalMusicToday.com – First off, welcome back to Southern California for the first time since the spring. What have you been up to since?

Matt Nichols: Yeah, it’s been the first time back here since the Taste Of Chaos and Misery Signals tours earlier this year. Now here we are back on tour with Every Time I Die.

SCMT: Could you briefly describe what the tour has been like so far?

MN: It’s been under just two weeks now that we’ve been on this tour. It’s been really good so far and the shows have been great with a ton of kids turning out every night.

SCMT: What is it like coming over from England every time to do tours in the states considering how big of a draw your band has become in such a short time?

MN: I’m not sure to be completely honest what the differences would be. I guess the best way to put it would be that the shows are more American and just as fun as they are back home.

SCMT: Are there any plans at all to come back to the states following the ETID tour?

MK: Nothing yet. Right after this we’re going back to Europe for a tour and then we’re going to begin writing our new record.

SCMT: Any idea when the new record might come out or is too soon to really know?

MK: Probably some time next year around the summer if not late summer. We’ve been looking forward to this for awhile and being able to give the fans some new stuff. Not too sure where it’s really going to go sound wise this time since that wasn’t the case with Suicide Season.

SCMT: The big news of course is the remix album Suicide Season – Cut Up

MN: Yeah, it’s going to be released in two months back in the U.K. It’s going to have a bunch of add-ons with it including the original Suicide Season record while the American record is going to have a lot of video content on it, live sets from Mexico, Vienna and Russia and remixes from American artists. Long story short, the American version is going to have a lot more content on it compared to the UK version. The American version is going to be released next year while the British version is coming out soon.

SCMT: I noticed that Travis from Gym Class Heroes, Ian from Lost Prophets, Clown from Slipknot and several artists are featured on it. What really brought about the idea to go ahead and make the remix record?

MN: Gym Class Heroes came about after we met Travis last year at Warped Tour and he liked our band. The friendship continued after the tour and then he came on board for this project. Slipknot I believe happened just because they like our band. We got in touch with management and wanted to see if anyone was interested in remixing our band. Ben from The Dillinger Escape Plan came about since we are fans of some of the remixes he’s done with other artists.

SCMT: How many tracks are going to be appearing on the remix record?

MN: The entire Suicide Season album plus other remixes. We had more then one song on it remixed twice and we put them all on it

MK: There’s going to be like 15 songs appearing on it.

SCMT: I’d assume it’s going to be mixes of Electro, Techno, Hip Hop and other various forms of music?

MN: Yeah stuff like that since we’re all fans of shit like that since we don’t listen just to metal. We like Electro, Hip Hop, Dub-Step and more that we thought would be cool to put on there. I think the kids are going to be a little bit weirded out by it but its part of Bring Me The Horizon and what we like. My favorite remix off the album is “Sleep With One Eye Open” by this British guy named Tek One. It’s dope, super slow and heavy.