Coming home at the end of a tour is something that each and every band looks forward to after months on the road. Following a tour alongside Modern Day Escape and The Becoming, Long Beach’s I Am Ghost made their way to The Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana for their “Live in Orange County” CD release show. Ever since the Southern California based five-piece signed to Epitaph Records following their 3rd show, they have gone onto release two EPs and one LP amidst several member changes along the way.

Recorded late last year at Anaheim’s legendary all ages venue, Chain Reaction, “Live in Orange County” features a mix of songs spanning the entire I Am Ghost catalogue. The legions of I Am Ghost fans came out in numbers early on Saturday night to catch their last hometown show before heading out on the road for the duration of this year. Known for live theatrics combined with on-stage fog machines, the band clearly didn’t let down their fans. Vocalist Steve Juliano engaged the crowd allowing them the opportunity to sing into his microphone while bassist Ron Ficarro was up to his usual tactics running from one side of the stage to the other with several jumps in the air.

Highlighting the performance were the tracks, “Bone Garden,” “Don’t Wake Up” and “Saddest Story Never Told” all of their 2008 release, “Those We Leave Behind” combined with “Killers Like Candy” off the 2006 debut record “Lovers Requiem.” As a surprise to many in attendance, a rendition of “This Is Home” made its way into the set list which Juliano stated that it hadn’t been performed in three years. In prior tour tradition, members of Modern Day Escape made their way on-stage to lend their background vocals prior to closing out the set with their first single, “Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps.”

Franki Doll and The Broken Toys warmed up the crowd opening with “Carnival.” The winners of the OC Music Awards Best Live Band in Orange County 2008 truly lived up to the award by putting on a mesmerizing performance led by Franki Doll. Midway through the set, Franki made her way through the crowd coming to those who weren’t able to make it upfront. Highlighting the set were the songs, “Fairytale,” “Morphine” and “Should Be Sleeping.”

Orlando, Florida’s Modern Day Escape kicked off the show with a short set in support of their new record, “House of Rats.” Quickly becoming one of the music industries hottest discussed unsigned bands following stories in both AMP and Alternative Press, the five-piece bring an adrenaline packed performance worthy of landing them a spot on a Warped Tour side stage. Skull Candy or Ernie Ball, this one’s for you! Vocalist James Vegas and company provide a breath of fresh air into a genre that has become bogged down by one band after the other who sound similar.

I Am Ghost
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