“If you take Johnny Cash, Elvis, Testament, Metallica, and Anthrax boil them together and you have VOLBEAT!”… Says front man Michael Poulsen.

Danish rockabilly metalers brought their u.s. headline tour through the House of Blues Anaheim saturday night to a SOLD OUT crowd. This was also a night to where they would be recording the show for a DVD to be released later this year. As the sound check dwindled down and the video recording crew began to take focus towards the stage the lights dimmed… VOLBEAT! VOLBEAT! VOLBEAT! The max capacity venue chants. An intro track blares over the monitors, Motorhead’s ‘Born to Raise Hell’ brings the band out to the stage and into ‘The Human Instrument’. The downtuned high energy tune makes the standing floor erupt!!!

As rhythm guitarist Thomas Bredahl and bassist  Anders Kjølholm bounce around stage, Jon Larsen keeps it steady behind the kit. Poulsen continues to let his Elvis influenced vocals wow the audience. Dressed like the “man in black” (Johnny Cash) Poulsen kept it in true Tennessee style with the bottle of Jack Daniels on stage to quench their thirst when needed. Jumping back into the set with crowd favorites “Hallelujah Goat,” “Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood” and “Still Counting.”

Bredahls tech brings the acoustic guitar out… That can only mean its time for ‘Sad Man’s Tongue’…. Poulsen gets into the first line “Well my mama told me : son you better watch out” and the crowd goes absolutely bonkers! And even more so when he asks the crowd “how about we play some Misfits for you, you guys like Misfits?”… to join the band on stage is Rob Caggiano
(from direct support band ‘The Dammed Things’) to do a cover of ‘Angel F*ck’.

As the set winds down and the encore approaches Volbeat returns back to the stage and begins with another slew
of songs. ‘Fallen’ and ‘Thanks’ were songs dedicated to a family member and the fans of Volbeat. Along with bringing fans on
stage to join them during Thanks. Another guest appearance by a The Dammed Things member would be Scott Ian to riff along
to “I Only Want To Be With You” (Dusty Springfield cover). In between encore songs why not play a few bars of Slayer’s
“Raining Blood” and “Skeletons of Society.”

After hearing about this band in the last few weeks and youtubing songs and European festival performances, i knew what to expect.
But didn’t know i was going to be absolutely blown away. From the moment Volbeat took the stage until the venue cleared it was like we all were in a state of trance and needed our fix by more live music!

The tour is its last couple of US dates, if you live in a city to where you have a chance to catch Volbeat. Do yourself a favor
and GO!!! You will not be let down by any means.

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