recently caught up with Winds of Plague frontman Johnny Plague right before the band’s set time in Carson, for a brief update on what the band has been up to since Mayhem Fest 2010, the experience of being perhaps the heaviest band on Warped Tour 2011 and what’s to come in the near future. Check out the band’s latest album Against The World and make sure to catch them on a full US-tour coming soon.

Firstly, you’ve played a few shows on this tour now, what’s the experience been like?

Well, we’ve played eight fucking weeks, but it’s good, it’s insane everyday, tiring, exhausting, it’s fun, it’s crazy and I love it.

You guys are more on the heavy metal side, from your perspective, do you guys get a lot of fans coming your way considering the foundation of the Warped Tour?

Yeah, we do, I mean obviously we’re a little outside the box on this thing, so it’s not quite our niche, but it’s nice to play in front of new crowds that could potentially become fans and that’s why we’re here. It’s cool, it doesn’t matter, put the people in front of us and we’re going to make it happen.

You’ve got the LA Dodgers jersey, you’re representing the city, how good does it feel to be home?

I feel so close to home but yet so far, like I said we’ve been out for eight weeks now, haven’t been home once. I’m about 20 minutes from home, but I’m not going to go there for another week.

Since Mayhem Fest 2010, you had an album come out (Against The World), how’s the album doing?

Yeah, we released one before Mayhem Fest and then another in between the tours, it’s been going really well, a lot of good reaction from it and it’s our first West Coast tour of the album, so far it’s been a good emotional campaign if you will. It’s moving in the right direction, which is all I could ask for.

Any differences with this album that fans should look out for if they haven’t picked it up yet?

We try to keep our classic formula of heavy, dark, epic, fast and pissed, but we try to throw in different elements on every record and do some fun things that we haven’t done before, like our song “California”, which is insane and ridiculous (laughs), we just like to have fun with it.

The tour is winding down, you’re looking forward to getting home, I bet, but what do you have planned after the tour?

We’ll be home for four days and then we’re going to Japan, which is awesome. I wish I had another week before that, but four days is fine. We go to Japan, come home for a little bit after that and then we run off to do a headlining tour, a full US-tour, I think it’s a six week tour.

Thank you for the time and we wish you luck in the coming months.

Thank you, we really appreciate it.