LA Guns (Phil Lewis version) rolled into town this past weekend for a lack-luster show at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, Ca.

The 80’s rockers who had great success early on in their careers have split and formed 2 different bands,  one version consisting of original guitarist Tracii Guns getting help from Jizzy Pearl (Vocals), Jeremy Guns (Bass) and Doni Gray (Drums). Then we have the version that performed on Saturday which includes original members Phil Lewis (vocals) and Steve Riley (Drums) getting support from Stacey Blades (guitar) and Scott Griffin (Bass).

I will be honest and say I am probably the last person to openly bash an artist publicly, but a situation on Saturday definitely deserves my ire. Midway through the set Scott Griffin approaches the microphone and asks the crowd something to the tune of “do you remember the old stuff?’ how about the Kelly Nickels (original bass player) days.. This song was written and sung by Kelly Nickels, but where is he now? :::Griffin Laughs:::  I got his job.” Or something along those lines, he muttered on some other things about Kelly, that I can’t recall. I was so irritated by his first statement, so much so that I turned to a fellow photographer in the crowd and said “What an Ass!” – I stayed and listened to him absolutely massacre “Nothing Better to do” a song which is normally sung by Nickels, and just couldn’t get over his arrogance and decided to call it a night. Who does Griffin think he is? He came from a cover band prior to joining LA Guns. Without Kelly being a founding member and foundation throughout the early years he would still be playing bars as a cover artist.

On the positive note – Phil’s voice still sounds amazing, and Steve can still pound the skins, but other than that it was nothing special. Having seen Tracii’s version previously, it was no comparison – this version was struggling to impress, maybe I was jaded by Griffin’s antics, but I will not go out of my way to see this version again.

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