Warming up the crowd tonight was relative newcomer and Fat Wreck Chords label mate, Ellwood. The band is comprised of members from both the Mad Caddies and Cherry Poppin’ Daddies.  They are currently touring in support of their latest release, “Lost In Transition.”  Their rock/reggae sound is quickly becoming a standard, for most of the shows that have made it through the local touring circuit.  However, this band does deserve to be heard. Their solid musicianship and catchy rhythms help to distinguish them from the others, in what is quickly becoming a saturated sound.

Old Man Markley was next on the night’s lineup.  Edgy bluegrass seems to be their game, and it blends well in this punk rock setting.  Everything from autoharp to washboard was included in this lineup, turning bluegrass style music on its head, and infusing it with a punk rock attitude.  There was nothing ordinary about the crowd response to this band. Mosh pits immediately erupted with square dancing and hillbilly stomping taking the forefront.  Overall a very entertaining set produced from this eclectic band.  Their debut album is due to be released January 18, 2012, entitled, “Guts N’ Teeth.”

Lagwagon as always performed at the top of their game. Their newest member, bassist Joe Raposo is a welcome fit to this veteran outfit, and enjoys competing with lead singer Joey Cape, for the spotlight, when it is not being blocked out by towering guitarist Chris Flippin.  Though their last recorded effort was released in 2008, expanded editions of the back catalog are now available through Fat Wreck Chords.

First, a quick disclaimer.  Do not brings your kids to a NOFX show, as you will be singled out by Fat Mike himself, and dually serenaded with both renditions of their song, “Fuck The Kids.” The band does have a softer side though. Rhythm guitarist Eric Melvin briefly paused the show to ensure that a girl up against the barricade, was okay after hitting her head on the metal railing.  He invitingly helped lift her onto the stage to receive medical attention.

Distractions aside, NOFX puts on one hell of a show.  Tonight’s sold out show was no different. Their set was littered with classic staples both old and new, for everyone to enjoy. They concluded their set with an encore featuring members of Old Man Markley.  The boys remain true to their punk roots, and their enthusiasm and sarcastic interludes with the crowd show no visible signs of fading.

NOFX setlist


We Called It America

Leave It Alone

Murder The Government

Pharmacist’s Daughter

Quart in Session


Radio (Rancid cover)

Seeing Double at the Triple Rock


Insulted By Germans (Again)

Fuck The Kids (Revisited)


Pimps and Hookers

What Now My Love (Herb Alpert cover)

Perfect Government (Mark Curry cover)

New Happy Birthday Song? (Sung to Limo)

Eat The Meek

Fuck The Kids

Dinosaurs Will Die

The Man I Killed

The Separation of Church and Skate


Doornails (with Old Man Markley)

Stickin’ In My Eye


Theme From a NOFX Album 

For additional information and tour dates of the bands, please visit:


NOFX at http://www.nofxofficialwebsite.com/

Lagwagon at http://www.lagwagon.com/

Old Man Markley at http://www.oldmanmarkley.com/Home.html

Ellwood at http://ellwoodmusic.com/

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