Shelton Hank Williams III steam rolled though Orange Counties The Observatory (formerly The Galaxy) Tuesday night. His 3 1/2 hour nonstop set included Hank III, HellBilly, Attention Deficit Domination, and 3 Bar Ranch all fronted by III.

Just after 8:30 the sold out venue erupts as III takes the stage. Rebel Country night at The Observatory is underway boots, hats, whiskey, weed, and pabst blue ribbon in full effect. Jamming a solid two hour set of Hank III songs included “7months, 39 days” “Six pack of beer” and “Straight to Hell” just to name a few. Following the III/HellBilly set was ADD and 3 Bar Ranch a much more heavy “doomy” style. While performing 3 Bar Ranch songs Hank wears a cowboy hat, bandanna over the face with the eyes cut out, and a chest/shoulder piece. The ADD and 3BR is stripped down to two guitar players and drummer, dark stage with minimal lighting and a screen behind the drum riser playing old 1960’s horror/alien clips.

Shelton Hank Williams III is The Real Deal.

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