Even after having been a band for 11 years, releasing five studio albums and headlining this summer’s Vans Warped Tour, The Used have proven one thing – their egos have not been inflated or changed from stardom.

The band kicked off its fall tour Tuesday at the Fox Theater in Pomona. Supported by Stars in Stereo and Hell or Highwater, The Used put on an unforgettable show for the room full of diehard fans.

Stars in Stereo was the first band on the bill, and proved that they should definitely be on the scene’s radar even though they’ve only been a band for about a year. As the band played songs that combined hard rock and electronic pop, speakers with LCD screens complemented them, flashing images that coincided with the tunes.

But the band members were even more captivating. Arguably, Stars in Stereo’s live show is entrancing enough without showy equipment on stage.  For one, singer Bec Hollcraft not only looks beautiful, but she has a voice to match her appearance. With a vocal range of melodious belts to gut-wrenching screams, Hollcraft engaged the crowd as she danced on stage and jumped onto the barricade.

Drummer Drew Langan was also unique as he placed his drums toward the front of the stage, rather than the back. He, along with guitarist Jordan McGraw, would jump on top of the set while the songs played electronic interludes.

Hell or Highwater, fronted by ex-Atreyu drummer/co-singer Brandon Saller, brought a mix of grunge, pop and southern rock. The band has toured with The Used in the past, but were not originally supposed to be on this tour. However, when Twin Atlantic had to drop out of the tour last minute, Hell or Highwater stepped in.

As fans crowd surfed to songs from the band’s debut 2011 album, Begin Again, the venue’s security showed they meant business. As fans were tossed over the barricade, guards promptly grabbed them and removed them from the venue, before they even got a chance to see the headliner.

But Hell or Highwater proved that they too had headliner quality. Saller constantly moved around the stage, involving fans as he stretched the microphone stand out into the crowd so they could sing along.

As The Used stepped onto the stage, the crowd shoved their way toward the front and immediately starting pushing each other when the music kicked in.

Starting off with “Put Me Out,” which the band released a music video for earlier this week, The Used showed that they are just as comical as ever.

“It’s good I didn’t wear any underwear,” said vocalist Bert McCracken. “It’s hot in here!”

Fans constantly pitched hats toward the stage, which the band members would proudly wear. Throughout the night, McCracken sported various baseball caps and a captain’s hat.

McCracken also continually commented how he felt that The Used has one of the most supportive fan bases. However, he also said that that fame hasn’t gotten to his head, unlike other front men.

“I’m just a music fan like you,” he said. “What’s the difference between us? Nothing.”

The Used’s set showed the band’s versatility in sound, from pop-punk ditties to metal-inspired songs. While fan favorites like “Taste of Ink” and “I Caught Fire” were performed in the 17-song set, The Used only performed three songs from their latest album “Vulnerable,” which was released earlier this year.

While some may question why The Used would only play a handful of new songs, the answer is quite simple. They just have so many hits. From songs like “The Bird and the Worm” to “Buried Myself Alive,” fans were constantly singing along, never missing a word.

However, one token song was missing from the set. Despite fans’ demands, The Used did not play “On My Own,” which usually brings an even stronger sense of unity into the crowd as everyone in attendance sings along. But even “On My Own’s” absence couldn’t stop the show from having a family-feel between The Used and their fans.

Toward the end of the set, McCracken assured fans that they’re never alone. If they ever do feel alone, he said, they should steal a Used cd from a store and listen to it.

“You never have to be alone,” he said.

The Used ended its set with its first song “Maybe Memories” and the mosh-inspiring “Box Full of Sharp Objects.”

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