Bassnectar Live At the Palladium, And There’s Still Time to Get Tickets!

On October 18th, producer and remixer Lorin Ashton will be taking the stage at the Palladium in Hollywood as Bassnectar, one of the best live electronic acts touring Southern California right now. Lovers of bass are guaranteed the event of a lifetime, while those who are more connoisseurs of sound will appreciate the rich contrasts and tantalizing rhythms that Bassnectar brings to every show. By virtue of his eclectic background, from thrash metal to hardcore rap to EDM, Bassnectar is able to tap into the universal force in music that inspires people to engage; dance, create or just be in the moment.

Moreover, Bassnectar has been widely influential, setting trends across genres. On the 2010 EP, Timestretch, the track “Here We Go” features vocals by Ranking Joe that are remarkably similar to the chorus of Kanye West’s “Mercy,” which peaked at number one on several Billboard charts. So, get tickets at to hear the top music of the future today, because you are sure to regret missing this show!