Brooklyn’s five-piece Friends performed their funky-beat driven tunes last Thursday night at Hollywood Palladium. The band has received rave reviews from a variety of music sources including The Guardian, The New York Times, as well as NME’s “Top 50 Artists” list. The band is comprised of Samantha Urbani (vocals), Lesley Hann (bass, percussion, backing vocals), Nikki Shapiro (guitar, keyboards), Matthew Molnar (keyboards, percussion, bass), and Oliver Duncan (drums).

But where were we? Ah, yes, this Brooklyn quintet decked out in their ‘80s inspired outfits, big hair, and played “Friend Crush”. It came as no surprise it was one of Friends’ lead singles. Urbani’s vocals seem effortless, and the percussion was memorable.

Although the quick 40-minute show progressed, Friends seemed to be having the time of their lives, jumping into the crowd, performing “Ruins” to “Mind Control”, and dancing their asses off every second of the way.

“This song…this song is about OPEN relationships….” says Urbani

The band’s even funkier single “I’m His Girl” came pulsating into the young crowd, with an infectious bass line, and an unlikely, but satisfying disco sound.

There’s no doubt this band has a groovy beat that is sure to pack the floor, yet they may disappoint if you go in expecting anything more. This is either your type of thing or not. However, if you’re even remotely curious, it’s obvious these guys are in the midst of honing their craft to another level.