Wild Roses photo By Blaire Laci

Wild Roses creates something that’s been defied categorization as folk-rock, country-rock, and Americana. The Los Angeles-based band comprised of Marc Orrell (lead vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar, and accordion), Gavin Caswell (slide guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, and vocals), Evan Breese (drums), and Jazz Limbo (bass)

When Wild Roses announced their current tour was coming to Los Angeles (November 9th at The Mint) we decided we best catch up with Marc Orrell to discover just what that something is all about. We think it’s best you get to know them a little better with their own words as we talk about writing techniques, music influences, and Dancin’ Yrself Clean. So without further ado, may we present to you: Wild Roses.

SoCalMusicToday.com: As a band, you are pretty new. How did “Wild Roses” come to be? How did you guys meet?
Marc: Well, I played in a band called Black Pacific, which our vocalist also used to be in Pennywise. That was when I met bass player, Gavin Caswell. We pretty much just shared different music with each other while getting completely wasted every night—laughs—while we were touring together. And Gavin came up with the idea, like “hey, we should keep jamming together.” So, that’s when we ended up getting our drummer Evan Breese, and Jasmine Limbo on bass. After playing our first show, we were like “Let’s keep doing this! That was fun!” Everything came really natural, which was exciting—songs were just coming together, and you know, here we are—driving in Iowa!

 How would you describe your music to curious new ears?
—you know what, I’ve had trouble doing that my entire life, haha, but I guess it falls under folk-country-rock? Yeah, I’d have to say that.

Was it difficult to know what genre you wanted to be involved with?  Do you ever dabble in other genres?
Yeah! I really think that’s the best way to do write—just to write what-EVER. I might write a folk song today or a fuckin’ reggae song tomorrow; you know what I mean? It’s the best way to write whatever flows out of you. That’s actually the result of how all of our songs came to be. It’s kind of like, us sitting down asking—Do you like this? Do you like that? Let’s write a story here, or a story there. We just, you know, go with it. We go with the flow. But hey, I also like electronic music these days too. Honestly, I just like ALL kinds of music—laughs—I guess its music A.D.D.

How did you personally get started in music? How did you decide that this is what you wanted to do?
For me, it was two things that I just really connected with. I really loved music and movies, but two friends of mine had brothers: One played guitar, and one played drums. So, I’d always go to their house, and just mess around. And then my parents split up—so they were like “Oh! Here you go! Here’s a drum set, your dad’s leaving!” So after that, I just kind of stuck with it, and I never really made a decision on something I’d fall back on.

Love at first sound, I feel ya.
Yeah, yeah—Exactly. It’s the best when you’re able to grab something you love while involving it with your work. So yeah, I consider myself very lucky.

But if for some odd reason, you weren’t able to do what you do now, what else could you see yourself doing?
You know what, I’m very, very good at annoying the shit out of Gavin…So if there’s a job that involves annoying the shit out of someone, I’d probably be WAY better at that. I have yet to find that job, I’m still looking, but in the meantime—I guess I’ll just stick with annoying the shit out of Gavin.

Going back to music, recording or performing? Which one is more your cup of tea?
Performing is always fun, but I LOVE recording. Recording is something—Well, you know what, it’s almost like they’re two completely different animals or something. It’s like comparing “Do you like taking a shower?” or “Having a huge party?” Haha…So it’s kind of hard to compare the two. But I really, really love doing both.

Well, you have a great sound. I’m curious, musically, who are your influences?
Between all of us…we have a wide range of taste in music. I really love Paul Westerberg from The Replacements, I’m a huge Stones fan, and um, Ryan Adams is definitely one of my favorites. I’m a huge AC/DC fan too. Gavin is pretty similar to me, but he really likes the Misfits as well. Jazz is a total punk-pop girl—Green Day and stuff like that. Evan is really into bands like, Refused.

That’s awesome—quite the variety! I actually saw Refused recently at FYF festival, and honestly, they’re not a band I usually listen to, or at all. But it was probably one of my favorite performances that night. So fun!
Oh yeah!? We saw them at their Pomona show. And yeah, we definitely touch on a lot of different types of music for sure.

Alright, I’ll ask one more question before I let you go back to starting a movement with your music… What have you been listening to as of lately?
We’ve been driving a lot, so we’ve been listening to A LOT of different stuff. But actually, I was just jamming to this band the other night—I really love LCD Soundsystem.


Wild Roses kicks off their U.S tour on October 12! You can check them out in these following cities:

Date                                        City                                         Venue

Friday, October 12                Las Vegas, NV                      Beauty Bar

Saturday, October 13           Provo, UT                              ABG’s

Sunday, October 14              Fort Collins, CO                    Surfside Seven

Monday, October 15             Colorado Springs, CO          Triple Nickel Tavern

Tuesday, October 16            New Castle, CO                    White River Tavern

Wednesday, October 17      Rifle, CO                                X Point

Thursday, October 18           Lincoln, NE                           Knickerbockers

Saturday, October 20           Hamtramck, MI                      Smalls

Sunday, October 21              Chicago, IL                           Cobra Lounge

Monday, October 22             Pittsburgh, PA                       Smiling Moose

Tuesday, October 23            Muncie, IN                             Be Here Now

Wednesday, October 24      St. Louis, MO                         Firebird

Friday, October 26                Fort Collins, CO                    Moe’s BBQ

Saturday, October 27           Rifle, CO                                X Point

Friday, November 9              Los Angeles, CA                   The Mint