Let’s be real, there’s nothing quite like dance moves from the 80’s. And we all know they’re the most fun. Right? Well, if you’re into electronic sugary 80‘s-influenced bubblegum pop, then Diamond Rings is your go-to band. Diamond Rings is a solo project of Toronto-based John O’Regan. His latest sophomore album Free Dimensional is filled with endless energy and electrifying synths. It won’t fail to jumpstart your body into full on dance-y, wave-y—and yes, maybe some glory 80’s inspired dance moves.

Opening the album “Everything Speaks” is a slower melody while Diamond Rings aka John O sings in a deep, commanding baritone with a hint of Bowie-esque vocals. Once I got to the second track, “All The Time”, it made one hell of a dramatic musical entrance. It was a complete no-brainer that I wanted to dance to this music. All. Night. Long.

The lead single “I’m Just Me” is an obvious hit, but Diamond Rings is more than just catchy hooks and pristine sound production—John O creates a visual story telling that gives different perspectives towards love and life; it’s quite eccentric, yet every lyric can be clearly identified and distinguished by the listener.

The third track “Runaway Love” starts out with a playful guitar rhythm that puts you in the right mood of feeling young, hip, and free. O’Regan’s voice soars and carries the listener through a wild adventure of electric synths, beats, baps, and its glam-rock melodies.

“I wanna wake up and I want you with me / I don’t want anyone else around”

“We can be the only ones that matter / We can be the only ones who know / We can also be a real disaster—but whatever / never mind / let’s go”

“(I Know) What I’m Made Of” is the song that proves John O can sure spit a mile a minute, from shuddering club beats to vintage-synth lines. The last track, “Day & Night” isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, but hey, this song is an instant feel-good track, especially in all its cheesy glory. However, LA clubs should need to play this album all the way through—I’m a sucker for tunes that fit wonderfully with my finger-pointing dance moves (and yes, I do that).

Diamond Rings Free Dimensional comes at you full force with gems that will electroshock you into the groove. You need to judge the book by its cover on this one—all the glam and amazingness you see is what you’re going get. So, let go, unwind, and flail your body around John O’s electro-pop sounds. You deserve it.


Track List

1. Everything Speaks

2. All The Time

3. Runaway Love

4. Put Me On

5. I’m Just Me

6. Hand Over My Heart

7. (I Know) What I’m Made Of

8. A To Z

9. Stand My Ground

10. Day & Night