What will be the 3rd album from the Titus Andronicus guys, Local Business seems to be surprisingly the softest sound we’ve heard since their 2010 Civil War-themed debut punk-rock album The Monitor.

Right off the bat you hear the infamous shouty vocals from Patrick Sickles, along with upbeat instrumentals that’s lyrics somehow compact into a short intro song “Ecce Homo.” “Okay I think that now we’ve established everything is inherently worthless/ and there’s nothing in the universe with any kind of objective purpose,” lyrics that ring plainly true and clever in their slant rhyme, compared to previous albums where the meaning behind Sickles’ words could be ambiguously misunderstood with their complicated metaphors.

Local Business, an album that bounces from “gobbling brown M&MS’s,” all the way to Sickles’ own personal struggles throughout his own life songs like “My Eating Disorder,” is attention grabbing to say the least. “It would be so easy to say it was my parents that destroyed my brain/ it was their drugs that drove me insane.”

My favorite track has to be the simple yet sort of hilarious “Food Fight,” which, compared to the other songs features way less words than the first half of the album (literally the only words sung are “food” and “fight,” but the music alone is worth rockin’ out to.)

The last track “Tried to Quit Smoking,” that every smoker should probably listen to if they’re trying to ditch the cigarettes, wraps up the album with a reeeal slow sounding beat. “And if I ever got my chance to be young/ then what stood between me and making myself one?” The song progresses into a guitar breakdown, and there’s even some brief harmonica in there, giving the song its own uniqueness.

Overall I dig the somewhat album makeover from the guys, and appreciate the “kinder” sound from Titus Andronicus.