Los Angeles-based Wild Roses took the stage at The Mint last Friday night. The band’s combination of acoustic guitar, with a rock n’ roll rhythm, brings a new twist to the classic alt-rock sound. The atmosphere at The Mint was lively, unpretentious, and youthful.

As for the band, Wild Roses covered a lot of ground. Marc Orrell’s raw vocals stayed well above the energetic rock opener. Their set comprised of catchy melodies and hooks like “Leave It Alone” and “Pine Mountain Heights”, where lyrical content didn’t always seem fully developed, but the themes were immediately addressed, which included excellent melodic bass lines led by Jazz Limbo.

During “Caravan Heartache”, drummer Evan Breese moved the beat along nicely. He was always delicate where he needed to be and grooved when required. Unfortunately, Wild Roses’ official guitarist Gavin Caswell wasn’t able to attend Friday night’s show.

However, Eric Christiansen’s electric/slide guitar led to provide Wild Roses’ uniquely entertaining performance. I also have to hand it to Marc Orrell; this guy has found himself a comfortable place on stage from interacting well with the audience to spinning towards the floor as he plays his acoustic guitar.

Still, Wild Roses sped through each tune and kept their music strong and flowing. The songs were striped-down, catchy, and often sounding somehow like they came from the 1990‘s. Marc, meanwhile, snarled out lines from “Don’t Try This At Home” to “Something to Eat”, which included a great thumping beat and a nice slide throughout.

Wild Roses seemed engaged, and happy to be there throughout their entire set. The various instruments — including the harmonica — were refreshing to listen to and the genuine energy of the band was contagious.