Often times recording artists fear the dreaded Sophomore Slump. I don’t think Wiz Khalifa does.

Wiz’s sophomore major-label album, O.N.I.F.C., is a celebration of his previous and  continued success. On “Paperbound,” Wiz proclaims that he has enough weed to last his entire life. The smooth, airy, yet percussive beat provided by Drumma Boy on “Bluffin’,” makes room for Wiz to flaunt as he states, “ I got so much paper, I just spend it like it’s nothing.”

Singer Courtney Noelle provides a sweet melody on “Got Everything.” She promises that anything Wiz wants or needs, she has it.  Maybe dedicated to Amber Rose, Wiz swears, “You deserve a wedding ring.”

The dreamy production on “Fall Asleep,” is probably the most interesting sounding track on entire album. The soothing repetition of female vocals gently entreating us to “Fall asleep,” paired with the hollow percussion and synths works well.

Another standout track is “Rise Above,” which features the signature sound of The Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams. Rising above the challenges associated with success Wiz sings, “First the love was there, then the paper came, then the haters came, but we still rise above.”

Wiz slows things back down to serenade the misses on “Up In It.” Overtly sexual but slow enough to be sensual, Wiz details all of the things he is going to do while he is “Up In It.”

The most motivational cut on the album is “No Limit.” Although not quite Master P., Wiz Khalifa promises that with hard work “You can have all of this.” That includes the money, cars, females, and first class flights that Wiz now relishes in.

“Remember You,” features the sensitive vocals of The Weeknd, who requests that the lucky girl of the night “Try to earn my memory. Make me remember you, like you remember me.” By far the best feature on the entire album.

As a whole the production and sonics behind O.N.I.F.C. is great, and Wiz Khalifa still maintains a solid ability to flow on the rhythms of the beat. Content wise it’s all about smoking, earning and spending money, traveling, and all the other rewards of a successful rap career. And with no foreseeable career pitfalls ahead, continued success and Wiz Khalifa’s complete and competent bravado will most likely continue as well.