monks of mellonwahWelcome the freshest new Alternative Rock band Monks of Mellonwah, who have recently blessed us with their presence in the states, while originating from Sydney Australia. This incredibly talented four-piece Indie Rock band consists of Vikram Kaushik (vocals), Joe de la Hoyde (backing vocals/guitar), John de la Hoyde (bass), and Josh Baissari (drums). Recently winning the “Best International Rock Act” at the 2012 Los Angeles Music Awards on November 15, The Monks of Mellonwah create a magical experience by captivating us with strong vocals, engaging lyrics, and heart pounding, yet tranquilizing instrumentation. This exceedingly fascinating band, who can easily be compared to the likes of Incubus, Muse, The Black Keys and Band of Skulls, have recently toured throughout California and New York regions, including Los Angeles’ Whiskey A Go-Go and New York City’s Mercury Lounge.

The Monks of Mellonwah showcased their strong influences of iconic rock artists, including Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Red Hot Chili Peppers through their 2010 debut EP titled Stars Are Out. The EP received excessive radio play all over Australia and community radio. Their success continued to increase once they released their first music video “Swamp Groove” in April 2011, in which they not only basked in the glory of airplay on ABC’s music program titled Rage, but also claimed the first prize at a music video night at Harold’s Shorts’ Short Film Festival.

The Monks of Mellonwah skyrocketed to success during the release of their second EP Neurogenesis in May 2012. Let me just say, from the moment I listened to this EP, I fell deeply in love with this band. The song “Neurogenesis,” off the EP of the same title, starts off with sultry guitar riffs, and a steady drumbeat. The song is intricately infused with futuristic sounds as it builds into a chorus filled with intense gusto and powerful crescendo.

“Neverending Spirit” is another classic song off the Neurogenesis EP. The song has received highly acclaimed buzz as it has been synced to the MTV show The Real Word St. Thomas’ Episode 9, which aired August 22, 2012. The song beautifully showcases cleverly endearing lyrics of an inescapable heart. “Neverending Spirit” is brilliantly embellished with dynamic riffs and perfectly illuminates the lovely vibrato and piercing falsetto of the vocalists in the group.

Overall, this band has proven their capability in becoming the next big Alternative Rock band worldwide. Their lyrics are riveting, painting vivid imagery with clever passages on conditional love, ever-lasting hope, profound challenge, and unrelenting strength. The musical production of each song is seamlessly spellbinding. The lead singer Kaushik’s vocal ability is alluringly pure and raw with a uniquely raspy rocker tone.

The Monks of Mellonwah’s new full-length album, which is set to release sometime in early 2013, will incorporate the workings of famed producer Keith Olsen for 3 tracks, while they intend to self-produce the rest. They also plan on touring the USA in February/March of 2013 to support their upcoming album release. Be sure to check out their website: for samples of their work and updates on tour dates.