The “Yellow & Black Attack” known as Stryper invaded the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA on Saturday night January 26 as an alternate NAMM after party/show. Just before 11pm the Christian Glam Rockers hit the stage opening with “To Hell With The Devil”and the full house filled with roars, cheers and jumps with the crowd loudly singing the chorus. The charismatic vocals of front man Michael Sweet were on fire along with the harmonizing guitar parts layed down by guitarist Oz Fox. Drummer and older brother of Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet was in the pocket with his flashy hair whips and sideways drum kit. While over on the bass side Tim Gains held the rhythm section down with Robert as Michael and Oz alternating guitar solos.

During the course of the show several guest singers made appearances onstage to sing with the band. Having the NAMM convention in town made the guessing of guests almost endless. That being said, new Queensryche front man Todd LaTorre joined the guys onstage for two scorching songs. A Stryper original “Surrender” and a song from the Covers album being an Iron Maiden classic “The Trooper”. The vocal range displayed by LaTorre was ridiculously awesome. Both songs fit his singing style and were great choices for him to fill in on.

The next guest would be solo artist and former Journey singer Jeff Scott Soto who joined in for a Queen cover of “Tie Your Mother Down” again being another powerful display of vocal excellence. The last guest would be accomplished solo artist and former TNT front man Tony Harnell. Also doing a cover song from the Covers album, the UFO classic “Lights Out”.

Stryper certainly delivered the message tonight! With a new album in the works the Yellow & Black Attack is back for 2013!