Lynch Mob @ M15 Concert Bar & Grill – 02/22/2014The 2014 version of Lynch Mob featuring guitar God George Lynch played the M15 Concert Bar & Grill in Corona Saturday night February 22 on the second to last night of their brief nine date west coast winter tour. George Lynch formed Lynch Mob in 1989 after the breakup of Dokken and the band has been a revolving door of musicians ever since but this version is a force to be reckoned with as Jimmy D’Anda (Bulletboys) and Kevin Baldes (Lit) hold down the thundering rhythms and singer Keith St John (Burning Rain) brings a powerful vocal delivery all while Lynch provides his scorching six string licks and solos.

The band played 75 minutes of Lynch Mob and Dokken hits with all the Lynch Mob songs being off the first album Wicked Sensation and the Dokken songs covering Lynch’s time in the band. St John fit the vocalist role very well as he did a respectable job covering all the songs in the set which made for an enjoyable experience. Jimmy D’Anda is one of the hardest-hitting and flamboyant drummers out there and obviously has lots of fun while playing and Baldes layed down the bass lines in fine form while contributing flawless backing vocals.

Lynch anchored in the corner stage right put on an amazing display of guitar mastery. His solos in every song are jaw-dropping to hear and watch. His passion and energy that he puts into his playing are second to none but his finger movement up and down the guitar neck is an amazing visual to experience. Unfortunately the Skull n Bones and Tiger guitars did not make an appearance this night as Lynch used only one guitar the entire show, the Skulls n Snakes guitar, but regardless he shredded through each song effortlessly.  The highlight of the show was the Dokken instrumental ‘Mr. Scary’ that allowed Lynch as well as Baldes and D’Anda to demonstrate their talents on their respective instruments.

The combination of musicians currently in the band gave the fans an incredible night of Lynch Mob and Dokken classics and the entire band made time after the show to come out to the merchandise table and greet and sign autographs for all those that remained. Hopefully there will be future touring and possibly an album with this current lineup of Lynch Mob.

Lynch Mob Setlist

Street Fighting Man | Into the Fire (Dokken) | She’s Evil but She’s Mine | River of Love | It’s Not Love (Dokken) | The Hunter (Dokken) | Mr. Scary (Dokken) | All I Want | Lost Behind the Wall (Dokken)| Alone Again (Dokken) | When Heaven Comes Down (Dokken) | Tooth and Nail (Dokken) | Wicked Sensation