Tracii Guns: Cathouse Live @ Irvine Meadows – 08/15/2015Cathouse Live took place on Saturday August 15, 2015 on what all the local news agencies reported as a record heat weekend at Irvine Meadows Theatre in Irvine California. The Festival Stage greeted fans as they entered the concession area before the mains stage, hosting nine bands, eight of those being veteran hair bands of the 80’s and one being The Cathouse Battle of The Bands Winner. Gone today are the ozone reducing hairstyles and flashy stage shows of yesteryear, what remains are peppered original and sometimes recycled band members and amps set on 10.

In addition to the music the event had vendors selling everything from flowered head adornment to vintage movie horror artwork. Also not to be missed was a wedding performed by Riki Rachtman, lots of meet and greets in the vendor area including the beautiful Bobby Brown, Warrant’s Cherry Pie video vixen all happening in temperatures topping well over 100 degrees.

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Gilby Clarke

The evening cooled and so did much of the The Festival Stage crowd which was starting to make its way to The Main Stage. Armed with his three piece band, Clarke powered through “Wasn’t Yesterday Great” and closed the stage with “Tijuana Jail.” Thank you for the time on The Festival Stage Gilby, see you at the Cathouse All-Star Jam.

Tracii Guns

As we watched the roadies get ready for Tracii Guns we all saw Rudy Sarzo with his bass on the stage. Very apparent was the happy surprise to see Rudy getting ready to slay the exiting crowd. Tracii Guns adorned a beautiful dark green Gibson Les Paul as the band played all cover songs and notably the crowd favorite was when singer Keith St. John dedicated “Rainbow In The Dark” to one of the greatest rock and roll singers of all time Ronnie James Dio.

Enuff Z’Nuff

Chip Z’Nuff is still glam and still very recognizable bass player held the crowd with his high kicks and colorfully adorned bass. Crowd sang along with “Fly High Michelle” and a great rendition of The Beatles “Jet” all sung by current singer, the not so glammy Johnny Monaco.

Jet Boy

Missing was the characteristic big hair, big color, big mohawk for Jet Boy, lucky they had their big band banner. The bands “Feel the Shake” still had all heads banging and hair whips in effect. The crowd loved Jet Boy.

Bang Tango

Bang Tango probably tied with Pretty Boy Floyd with the biggest crowd draw of the day at The Festival Stage. Front man Joe Leste’ steered the band through the furious hot set with his raspy voice with “Soul to Soul” and “Someone Like You.”

Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd brought the missing lipstick, hairspray and makeup to The Festival Stage despite the sweltering heat. Leather gloved, clad-in-black Steve Sex Summers and current lipsticked band members serenaded the girls with “I Wanna Be With You” and lots of Hollywood raunch which brought the 80’s back to the 50+ crowd.

Little Caesar

Little Caesar probably the most unrecognizable band of the day still fronted by Ron Young and guitarist Loren Molinare. The band blazed through their set despite a broken bass string which was rescued quickly by a guitar vendor lending a very cool Creature of The Black Lagoon bass.


An energetic and fun romp. Gone are the flashy pretty boy looks and long blonde locks but the band still wooed the crowd with the ballad “I Hate Kissing You Goodbye” and closed with the reminder that they are not Pretty Boy Floyd “American Hair Band.”

The Aviators

The Festival Stage opened the day with Cathouse Battle of The Bands winner and babies of the bunch, The Aviators. The most memorable antic of the set being the pelvic thrust drum kick pedal belt so skillfully played by the lead singer – a definite crowd favorite among the ladies. A band with great songs and hopefully a great future as they didn’t win the Battle of The Bands for nothing.