The Winery Dogs @ House of Blues Anaheim – 11/03/2015The House of Blues of Anaheim hosted The Winery Dogs on Tuesday night November 3 on their Double Down World Tour in support of their latest release Hot Streak. The power trio is a super group consisting of drummer Mike Portnoy, most notably of Dream Theater fame, bass player Billy Sheehan, veteran of mammoth rock bands from Talas to Niacin with a dash of David Lee Roth and Steve Vai in between, and on vocals and guitar, soulful solo artist Richie Kotzen, who has held esteemed, though brief, engagements with Poison and Mr. Big.

The set consisted of the perfect mix from this young band’s catalog of only two albums. Billy Sheehan being one of the most significant bass player of his generation, gave the crowd a deep funk filled Sheehan solo, bringing the crowd to one of the loudest silences I’ve ever heard during a solo. Mike Portnoy sent shockwaves through Anaheim when he incorporated the Hello Kitty drum set into his drum solo. Portnoy almost the leader of the group, a beloved Dream Theater alumni favorite, fashioned a Winery Dogs Portnoy sports jersey. Portnoy held the crowd enthusiastically with his personable engagement behind his K9 Monster drum set the entire night.

Mesmerizing was Richie Kotzen’s hair raising ballads behind his Vintage Vibe Red Sparkle Keyboard, especially while performing “Regret” in the encore, a Richie Kotzen original. Missing from the set was this reviewers favorite Billy Sheehan performance, Shyboy, always seems a staple in any Sheehan enterprise but not this time.

The Winery Dogs are pausing their whirlwind tour on the west coast with a show in San Diego, California but don’t fret, it is only a short break before starting the next leg of their tour in Köln, Germany in January 2016, ending in Inom Vallgraven, Sweden late February 2016.

The supporting band was Kicking Harold, a three piece rock band. This reviewer overhead people saying good things about the band prior to the show . . . always the eavesdropper. Kicking Herald won over many new fans, not bad for a supporting band with the hottest looking bass player of the night, sorry Billy.

Winery Dogs Set List

Oblivion | Captain Love | We Are One | Hot Streak | How Long| Time Machine | Empire | Fire | Think It Over | Ghost Town | The Other Side | I’m No Angel | Not Hopeless | Elevate

Encore: Regret | Desire

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