Black Sabbath @ Ozzfest 2016 – 9/24/2016
Photo By Ross Halfin

Ozzfest made its triumphant return to San Manuel Amphitheater on Saturday September 24 as part of the two day Ozzfest meets KNOTFEST weekend destination festival. The biggest heavy metal show of 2016 in the US was announced back in May of this year with a huge media gathering at The Palladium in Hollywood. Two of the biggest bands in the world, Black Sabbath and Slipknot with two of the biggest festivals, Ozzfest and KNOTFEST would combine for a weekend of extreme music with multiple stages and some of the biggest heavy metal bands in the world.

With 2016 being Ozzfest’s 20th anniversary and San Manuel Amphitheater being the birthplace of Ozzfest made for the perfect setting for headliners Black Sabbath to play their FINAL show in California as part of their “The End” tour. With unconfirmed reports of 40,000 metal maniacs in attendance this was surely the largest metal show at this venue in some time.

The mainstage (renamed The Lemmy stage in honor of the late Motorhead frontman) bands started at 3:40pm after the three side stages out on the festival grounds ended. The obvious draw to the “Lemmy” stage aside from all the bands was the last California performance of Metal legends Black Sabbath before they end their career in their hometown of Birmingham early next year. Will this year be the start of a yearly Ozzfest again . . . only time will tell.

The mainstage (“Lemmy stage”) hosted the following bands:

Rival Sons | Black Label Society | Opeth | Megadeth | Disturbed | Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath

What can you say about Black Sabbath that has not already been said in their 40 + year career. Ozzy Osbourne is the voice of metal, Tony Iommi is the riff master of metal and Geezer Butler is one of the best bassist and songwriters ever in metal. After all these years each is still at the top of their game and the band delivered a killer set for their last act. Although Osbourne complained of having a head cold he still sounded fabulous as the band opened the show with the haunting riffs of “Black Sabbath” and took you through a journey of some of their most memorable songs.

Just over 90 minutes and the band played an encore of “Paranoid” and then on the massive LED screen two words appeared THE END . . . that was it, the last time Black Sabbath would play a full concert in California . . . and it was one of their best.

Black Sabbath Setlist

Black Sabbath | Fairies Wear Boots | After Forever | Into the Void | Snowblind | War Pigs | Behind the Wall of Sleep | N.I.B. | Hand of Doom | Rat Salad | Iron Man | Dirty Women | Children of the Grave

Encore: Paranoid

NOTE: Black Sabbath did not allow the general media to photograph their set.


Without a doubt one of the biggest bands out there today is Disturbed. After their four year hiatus from 2011 to 2015, Disturbed was welcomed back by their fans in a big way! Opening their set with “Ten Thousand Fists”, there was certainly many more fists in the air as the band blazed (literally) through each song. The blaze was due to the amount of pyro-technics throughout their set that must have had the San Bernardino fire-marshal on the edge of his seat throughout. The band ended their time on stage with their most ferocious hit from their debut album “Down with the Sickness”.

Disturbed Setlist

Ten Thousand Fists | The Game | The Vengeful One | Prayer | Liberate | Stupify | The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover) | Inside the Fire | The Light | Stricken | Indestructible | Voices | Down With the Sickness


A member of the “Big Four” of thrash, Megadeth played a killer 60 minute set that had mainman Dave Mustaine growling out his lyrics and trading off blazing guitar solos with fellow guitarist Kiko Loureiro. The two are one of the most talented guitar duo in thrash today. Recent addition to the band as a permanent member is drummer Dirk Verbeuren who easily nailed the Megadeth back catalog of classics as well as new material off their latest album Dystopia.

Some of the biggest mosh pits of the day broke out  during “Wake Up Dead” and “Peace Sells” but the ultimate Megadeth live showcase is fan favorite “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”.

Megadeth Setlist

Hangar 18 | The Threat Is Real | Tornado of Souls | Wake Up Dead | In My Darkest Hour | Conquer or Die! | Fatal Illusion | Sweating Bullets | Trust | Dystopia | Symphony of Destruction | Peace Sells | Holy Wars… The Punishment Due | Silent Scorn | My Way (Sid Vicious song)


Making a rare US festival appearance, all the way from Sweden was Opeth. With music that incorporates progressive, folk, blues, classical and jazz into heavy/death metal, Opeth is one of the most unique and intriguing bands in existence. Frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt has an amazing voice that goes from cool, calm and melodic to the most haunting death metal growls ever heard. With most Opeth songs being over 8 minutes long the band only played five songs but it was five of some of their most killer material. Opeth has a new album Sorceress that will be released on Friday September 30th.

Opeth Setlist

Cusp of Eternity | Heir Apparent | The Devil’s Orchard | The Grand Conjuration | Deliverance

Black Label Society

What would Ozzfest be without Black Label Society featuring former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde. Wylde and the rest of the band, drummer Jeff Fabb, bassist John “JD” DeServio and guitarist Dario Lorina delivered a high octane set that featured mostly older material although the band slowed it down as Wylde took to the piano for “In this River”, a ballad dedicated to the late, great Dimebag Darrell from Pantera (RIP).

The main attraction at every Black Label Society show is the inhuman guitar mastery of Zakk Wylde. Wylde ripped through blazing solo after solo on his new line of Wylde Audio guitars. The band ended the set with the heavy riffs of “Stillborn”, without a doubt their most well-known song to date.

Black Label Society Setlist

The Beginning… At Last | Funeral Bell | Bleed for Me | Heart of Darkness | Suicide Messiah | In This River | Concrete Jungle | Stillborn

Rival Sons

American rockers from Long Beach, Rival Sons was the first band to play the mainstage. With fans still filtering in they played a solid set to set the tone for the remainder of the show. No stranger to playing with Black Sabbath, Rival Sons have been out on tour as the opening act for most of Sabbath’s 2016 “The End” tour.

Rival Sons Setlist

Electric Man | Secret | Pressure and Time | Hollow Bones Pt. 1 | Fade Out | Open My Eyes