Sublime With Rome @ Irvine Meadows – 10/15/2016

Local favorites Sublime With Rome and The Offspring joined forces Saturday October 15 to co-headline one final show at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine before the venue hosts its final performance in less than two weeks. A near capacity crowd appeared ripe for some nostalgia on this evening . . . many here for one last visit to this 36 year old venue but a majority to witness a strong lineup including the SoCal headliners along with San Diego-based Rocket From The Crypt and OC/LA natives The Cornfed Project, both of who served as early support.

Performing this evening as the first headliner, The Offspring opened with an enthusiastic version of “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” followed by “All I Want”, a classic tune that turned 20 years old earlier this year. With decades of experience together and over 40 million records sold worldwide, lead singer Dexter Holland and lead guitarist Kevin ‘Noodles’ Wasserman still perform with the passion and vitality that helped push them to the top of the mainstream punk rock genre back in the ’90s.

As expected, their set was heavy with their hits  as “Come Out And Play”, “Want You Bad”, “Gone Away” and “Bad Habit” all receiving treatment in the first half of the set. Ripe with sarcastic lyrics, “Why Don’t You Get A Job” and “(Can’t Get My) Head Around You” helped lighten the second half. Noodles made sure to announce that the Irvine crowd was their ‘sexiest audience’ ever before launching into an energetic version of “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)”. With circle pits forming and fires ignited on the lawn, “Bad Habit” would officially close out the set and the band’s final show at Irvine Meadows.

Sublime With Rome @ Irvine Meadows – 10/15/2016

After a short change over, Sublime With Rome came out swinging early with “Date Rape”, “Smoke Two Joints” and “Wrong Way”. It is still hard to believe it has been 20 years since Bradley Nowell’s death, but Rome Ramirez (who has fronted the band since 2009) has continuously proven that he is the man for the job. Responsible for maintaining the classic Sublime hits while introducing new music from the band is a tall order but together with original band member and bassist Eric Wilson, Ramirez has won over the fans with his close vocal resemblance to Nowell.

Although roughly 20% of the crowd exited after The Offspring set, those remaining were treated to additional Sublime classics like “April 29, 1992 (Miami)”, “Badfish” and “Santeria” as well as new songs “Panic” and “Take It Or Leave It”.

The headlining bands gave the crowd exactly what they came for . . . a collection of familiar classics and greatest hits.  Both bands took time to lament on the impending closure of this historic amphitheater, most notably Dexter and Noodles who both grew up locally in Huntington Beach. In what has become a common thread the past few months at shows, artists have taken time in between songs to reflect on previous gigs and the history of Irvine Meadows. This chilly mid-October Saturday night will no doubt be remembered by those in attendance, even after the bulldozers have been called in next month.

The Offspring Set List

Go Far Kid | All I Want | The Noose | Come Out and Play  | Coming for You | Hammerhead | Genocide | Want You Bad | Staring at the Sun | Gone Away | Walla Walla | Bad Habit | Gotta Get Away | Get a Job | Americana | Head Around You | Pretty Fly | Kids Aren’t Alright | Self Esteem

Sublime with Rome Set List

Date Rape | Smoke 2 Joints | Wrong Way | 40 Oz | Wherever You Go | You Better Listen | April 29th | Early Man | Panic | Skankin to the Beat | Scarlets | Doin Time | Badfish/Stoned

Encore: Sirens | What I Got | Santeria

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