2 Cellos @ Cal Coast OAT - 07/18/2017Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser, the international sensation better known as 2 Cellos, played at the Cal Coast Open Air Theater on Tuesday night. The 4500+ seat venue was almost full for their first San Diego performance in nearly 2 years. The last time they were in town, they played at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido.

The handsome duo, dressed casually in jeans and sneakers, told the crowd that this was not a classical music concert. Šulić explained, “You can scream, you can come up on stage and breakdance. You can flirt with this guy,” pointing to Hauser who jokingly rubbed his nipple. Several frenzied screams erupted from the crowd.

Šulić and Hauser can charm the crowd with more than just jokes. They said, “It is good to be back in beautiful CA, maybe the most beautiful part of the world.” Is that charming the crowd or just plain fact? They are currently on tour promoting their new album Score. They explained, “This is the first time we play our new album in the United States. It is our favorite songs from movies and beautiful melodies.”

Šulić and Hauser have great chemistry on stage, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, since they have been friends since they were both teenagers in Croatia. Taking a playful jab at Hauser, Šulić, who plays the part of the straight arrow, introduced the Rain Man theme song by joking, “Hauser, my assistant, can relate to the main character.” Stjepan Hauser, who plays the rocker party animal on stage, introduced the Gladiator theme song by announcing, “The next one is my favorite off the album. I get chills listening to me play it.”

The concert really got people on their feet with a string of rock songs that catapulted the duo to fame; several AC/DC covers as well as one Michael Jackson cover and one Nirvana cover. “You ready to party?” shouted Šulić to energize the audience. Those few audience members that had not yet left their seats for the set of rock songs started dancing to Luis Fonsi’s mega hit, “Despacito,” which has a whopping 2.5+ billion views on YouTube.

The crowd started to climb the steep steps after the first encore only to rush back to their seats at the sound of Šulić’s voice saying, “San Diego you are incredible. We can’t wait to be back.” They closed off their set with U2’s “With or Without You’.

The multigenerational audience was obviously delighted throughout the performance, some danced, some headbanged, and some played air cello. A 10 year old explained the appeal, “I like the 2Cellos because they play rock music on the cello which is an instrument I like. They are also funny. My favorite part of the concert was the light show, the jokes, and the music. My favorite song they played was “Mombasa”. His older brother added, “I started listening to the 2Cellos when I started playing cello”. I found a video on YouTube, watched it, and then subscribed to their channel. After listening to them tonight, I want to practice “Smooth Criminal” because it has a nice beat and a good melody.  And there you have it, inspiring a new crop of musicians is about as good as it gets.

2 Cellos Set List:

Chariots of Fire Theme Song | The Godfather Love Theme | Moon River | Rain Man Theme Song | Love Story Theme Song | Titanic | Gladiator | Mombasa (Hans Zimmer cover) | Game of Thrones Medley| Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson cover) | Thunderstruck (AC/DC cover) | Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover) | You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC cover) | Highway to Hell (AC/DC cover) | (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Rolling Stones cover) | Back in Black (AC/DC cover)

Encore 1: The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover) | Wake Me Up (Avicci cover) | Despacito (Luis Fonsi cover)

Encore 2: With or Without You (U2 cover )