Ministry @ San Diego House of Blues – 07/21/2017Hot off several festival dates in Europe as well as a blazing performance at Glenn Danzig’s Blackest of the Black festival in May, Al Jourgensen and Ministry played the House of Blues in San Diego on Friday night July 21st. Opening the show on this night was hardcore hip hop horror masters Ho99o9.

This was a special night in San Diego as not only was it smack in the middle of Comic-Con but Ministry fans had the opportunity to attend a band meet n greet prior to the show while the new Ministry album AmeriKKKant blasted over the house PA at House of Blues. As the long line of fans was slowly released in to the venue, the band – Sin Quirin, Cesar Soto, Jason Christopher, John Bechdel and Thomas Holtgreve along with their fearless leader Al Jourgensen greeted the Ministry diehards and signed memorabilia and took photos. Also the new album to be released this fall sounded pretty killer as well with the typical recipe of Ministry guitar riffs and odd samplings.

The lights dimmed and the band took the stage to the intro of “Punch in the Face” and once the music kicked in House of Blues was complete chaos for the next 90 minutes. Wearing what resembled a super-hero mask to start the show, Al Jorgensen delivered his vocals as he, very cool and collectively walked the stage while a large video screen behind the band displayed random visuals to the beat of the music. Without any pause the band went right into “Rio Grande Blood” and “Senor Peligro” making for a powerful start to the show.

Ministry @ San Diego House of Blues – 07/21/2017With Jason Christopher (formerly with Prong) on bass and Cesar Soto on guitar alongside long-time guitarist Sin Quirin, the front line rocks harder than ever backed by Thomas Holtgreve’s massive drumming and John Bechdel on keyboards. Jourgensen kept the in between song banter to a minimum although there was a few F*#k Trump statements heard as he let the music do the talking on this night. First played at the Blackest of the Black Festival in May, the new song “Antifa” from the forthcoming album AmeriKKKant was included in the set mixed in with the Ministry classics. The multi-talented Jourgensen added to the guitar attack by bringing out his six-string for a few songs leading into the highlight of the night which had “N.W.O.”, “Just One Fix” and “Thieves” played back to back to back and without a doubt, that trio of songs had the mosh pit going the strongest and every single person in attendance singing along, banging their head and fist pumping throughout.

The band left the stage briefly after a scorching rendition of “Psalm 69” and returned to play the last song of the night, “Filth Pig” which showcased Jourgensen’s many talents as he played the harmonica. Some 30+ years into his career Al Jourgensen is still at the top of his game with Ministry as well as several side projects (Surgical Meth Machine, Revolting Cocks, etc) and Ministry will once again conquer the world of Industrial Metal with the release of their new album AmeriKKKant this fall and a full blown tour to follow.

Ministry Set List:

Punch in the Face | Rio Grande Blood | Señor Peligro | Lies Lies Lies | Antifa | Waiting | Worthless | Bad Blood | N.W.O. | Just One Fix | Thieves | So What | Psalm 69 | Filth Pig