Gwar @ The Fonda Theater - 11/22/2017‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all through The Fonda Theater in Hollywood, CA, not a creature was calm whilst awaiting the Blood of the Gods tour. The aptly named production features the gore kings Ghoul and Gwar. Both bands combine a theatrical (to say the least) performance with hard-hitting music which can be described as metal with a hint of punk. Fans that gather to see this spectacle would be wise to wear a rain poncho, as things can get… messy. It is not uncommon to see those that are brave enough to forgo said protection sport white t-shirts to Gwar concerts in order to walk away with a customized piece of art at the end of the night. Ghoul and the mighty Gwar are bands that you should experience at least once in your lifetime!

It would not farfetched to take a guess at what band may have influenced the guys of Ghoul. They appear to have taken a couple of cues from Gwar when it comes to their stage presence. They put on one helluva show, as their songs were original, catchy, and the just the right amount of macabre. What really sets them apart, however, is their theatrical performance. They incorporated elaborate costumes, props, and lots of blood into their show to make sure the fans were entertained from beginning to end. There were even guest appearances by a witch doctor and a giant zombie! It is apparent that Ghoul has put extensive amounts of time and energy to ensure that they stand out from other bands, while simultaneously putting on the best show they can.

The almighty Gwar is known far and wide for their elaborate stage costumes, their slimy performances, and for pushing the boundaries of obscenity. Even those who are not well-versed in the world of metal and punk have heard the band’s name, and it is obvious why. When you go to a Gwar show, you can expect two things. The first is great music. Although somewhat off-kilter, Gwar is a very talented group of individuals who know their way around their respective instruments. Hits such as “Meat Sandwich,” “Saddam-A-Go-Go,” , “Bring Back the Bomb” and AC/DC’s cover of “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” are staples in their repertoire. Speaking of blood, the second thing you can expect at a Gwar show is to get covered in it. To start the show off, the band decapitated two “men” who were dressed in spacesuit-like attire (of course, the costumes were also props, which were meant to be beheaded at the top) and fake blood gushed from the “wounds” and into the audience, who of course relished in the reddish-purple liquid. Along with fake blood, Gwar also shoots “space jizz” into the crowd. (Use your imagination for that one, folks.) Needless to say, those lucky enough to be at the front of the general admission pit walked away dirty and sticky. There is never a dull moment at a Gwar show!

The Blood of the Gods tour gave Los Angeles an unforgettable night filled with blood, gore, and more! Ghoul has rightfully earned their spot on this tour with their unique stage performance and sheer talent. Gwar was, as always delightfully offensive with the antics that made them a household name. The two bands on tour together are unstoppable, as they are similar enough to mesh well together but are also different enough that they both bring something distinctive to the table. When this tour comes to a city near you, get your tickets, lest ye be smited!

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