The urban/pop band The Fourth Kingdom (better known as 4TK) came together as a group as a result of individual participation as artists on Belgium’s The Voice.  Sebastian, Jaxon (runner up 2016-The Voice), Shane, and Kyle (were teammates on The Voice) first struck out on their careers before forming the group. The Fourth Kingdom are not just vocalists but talented instrumentalists as well. Shane plays drums, Sebastian is a guitarist, Kyle plays piano and Jaxon is also a guitarist. The Fourth Kingdom is on Universal Records and has released two singles in Belgium that reached the Top 10 on iTunes. The group has performed for huge, expansive audiences, and garnered broad radio play. Their first single, “Broken,” was co-written by the band offering up a universal message of heartbreak. Recently, caught with The Fourth Kingdom to discuss their origins, career to date, a wealth of material ready for release and plenty of singles to follow in 2018 and more.

Each of you was on Belgium’s The Voice as individual artists before deciding to become a group? Can you elaborate on that?

We each competed on The Voice separately in 2016 and Sebastian competed a year before us. Kyle and Jaxon lived in the same city and we got to know Shane backstage at the live shows

Was there a reason you decided to pull your talents together to form a band rather individually pursue solo careers? 

Jaxon wanted to be in a band and our manager Peter (at that time managing a judge on The Voice Belgium) asked us if we all wanted to be in a band together with Jaxon. So we all met and decided to join forces!

What was the common thread or bond you felt toward one another that lead you to believe you could be in band together?

During our first meeting we knew we could become best friends and in doing so make music together. It was clear from day 1!

What did competing on Belgium’s The Voice do for you as artists and prepare you for competing against other performers? What did you all take away with from that experience and learn to use as a stepping stone or platform for your own careers? Was it more a help than a hindrance? Can you explain?

We all sang on an amateur level before the show but on The Voice itself you get a coach, musicians guiding you and a vocal coach teaching you how to get the best results out of your voice. It was the start of our professional careers. After The Voice was finished, we all knew this was something we loved doing!

Is the plan to release a single and video then eventually make an EP or album? 

We actually have two albums ready, one acoustic and one fully produced.  A lot of music is coming in 2018, single after single.

How does the band collaborate on the songwriting process?

We all give our input on how the song should be lyricly and melody wise & then we write it from our own experiences.

Can you discuss how your single Broken was written?

When we heard the instrumental the lyrics started pouring out of our hearts. It was quite intense to create and by the end of it, it took a team effort. The song really strikes a chord with us and is a good representation of who we are as a band. We all have questions that go unanswered; we sing them to the four winds, shout them into the darkness, proclaim them to the skies – knowing full well they won’t be answered, but needing to expel them from our souls, so that we might find peace and closure.

Who did you work with in the studio to produce the single and did you choose collaborators?

Ty Jamz produced Broken and MJ Songstress wrote and composed it together with us. We then asked East Coast rapper Saratoga to rap on the song  and that gave it an even more urban feel, He did a great job.

How involved are you in making the Broken video?

We discussed the look and feel of the Broken music video with the Director Tone V and came up with the storyline together with our manager Peter, so you could say we had a lot of artistic input in the video which was great.

What’s next for The Fourth Kingdom?

We are discussing a new tour in the U.S., a possible TV show and of course releasing good music.

What is the music scene like in Belgium?

Lots of EDM and dance music control the scene over there.

What are the best hangouts and why?

Well we do have Tomorrowland, a big festival each year and the restaurants are amazing, you should check it out 🙂

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