Butcher Babies @ The Observatory – 12/11/2017The unlikely pairing of metal thrashers Butcher Babies and rap rockers Hollywood Undead made for an interesting concert experience on Monday night December 11 at The Observatory in Santa Ana. This was the last date on their 10 week fall tour that had them playing some 50 dates in that time period. Included on this tour was rapper Demrick who held the opening slot for the duration of the trek.

In addition to both Butcher Babies and Hollywood Undead being from Los Angeles, both bands put out new albums on exactly the same day, October 27, Lilith and Five respectively and both bands are heavily promoting these new releases with this tour and both have tours scheduled beginning in 2018.

Kicking off the night was Los Angeles based rapper Demrick. Along with his DJ, Demrick put on a less than memorable 30 minute show as they traded off lyrics and tried to engage the crowd. Those in attendance, especially the Heavy Metal fans there to see Butcher Babies just did not seem to be at all interested in this set.

Butcher Babies hit the stage at 8:15 and delivered a ferocious, high energy 45 minute set that featured eight songs of their latest release Lilith which just happens to not only be the bands strongest release to date but just may be their “Reign in Blood” as the album is that good. The dual vocal attack of Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey is just one ingredient that adds such an appealing element to their music as they trade off screams, clean vocals as well as guttural death metal growls.

Both Shepherd and Harvey are extremely active onstage and both interact with the crowd quite a bit throughout their show. They took a minute mid-set to thank the crowd for attending and stating how good it felt to be home after such a long tour (and Harvey stated how much she missed her dog) as the band took a few shots to celebrate this last night.

The second half of the set was surely the highlight as the band played the fast paced, chaos infused “POMONA (Shit Happens)” off the new album as well as a medley that included parts of “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”, ”Igniter” and “Magnolia Blvd”. Guitarist Henry Flury dazzled the guitar fanatics with his 8-string heroics as bass player Jason Klein along with kickass new drummer Chase Brickenden layed down the thunder that provides the foundation for the band’s sound.

Shepherd and Harvey are a fantastic team as they feed off each other throughout the performance and you can tell that they are having a great time and that the interaction between the two is genuine. During “Headspin” Shepherd jumped down way out into the crowd and sang at the center of a full blown circle pit and encouraged the fans down front to get crazy. The band ended the night with one of the best songs off Lilith, the infectious “Underground and Overrated” as Butcher Babies had just put on one of the most passionate, electrifying performances The Observatory has seen in 2017.

Butcher Babies Setlist:

Lilith | Burn the Straw Man | Monster’s Ball | The Butcher | The Huntsman | Korova | #Iwokeuplikethis | POMONA (Shit Happens) | Medley: They’re Coming to Take Me Away / Igniter / Magnolia Blvd. | Headspin | Underground and Overrated

Butcher Babies Photo Gallery:

Hollywood Undead @ The Observatory – 12/11/2017At 9:30 Hollywood Undead hit the stage and the madness began and never ended throughout their almost 90 minute set. The band wasted no time getting into the new material as they opened the set with “Whatever it Takes” off of the new album Five and played four more songs off the new record mixed in with older material. With just about all the members of the band trading off lead vocals at one point or another during the set and different members playing bass and guitar it is nothing but controlled chaos onstage throughout the night.

Each member of Hollywood Undead wore their trademark masks for the first three songs of the night before removing them and playing the remainder of the show “unmasked”. Charlie Scene (Jordon Terrell) did most of the talking with the crowd in between songs mixing up some twisted humor with thanking those in attendance for coming out to their almost hometown show. The recurring themes of partying, girls, sex, drugs and drinking in all their songs had the fans dancing and jumping about all night long with many singing all the songs word for word. The band ended the show with “Day of the Dead” before playing a two song encore of “Everywhere I Go” and “Hear Me Now”. Hollywood Undead obliterated another stage on this night as they ended the tour with a bang!

Oddly enough both Butcher Babies and Hollywood Undead head to Europe early next year (on separate tours) – Butcher Babies in February and Hollywood Undead in January. Hopefully both bands will return to stages in the USA in 2018 to continue support of their recent releases.

Hollywood Undead Setlist:

Whatever it Takes | Undead | Been to Hell | California Dreaming | Dead Bite | Renegade | Gravity | Comin in Hot | War Child | Folsom Prison Blue (Johhny Cash Cover) | Bullet | Another Way Out | Bad Moon | Riot | Day of the Dead

Encore:  Everywhere I Go | Hear Me Now

Hollywood Undead Photo Gallery: