I Am Morbid @ The Whisky A Go Go – 01/31/2018Former Morbid Angel vocalist and bass player David Vincent has been a busy man since he announced his departure from the band back in 2015. He has done a country outlaw record as well as replacing the late Lemmy Kilmister in Headcat and has created I Am Morbid which allows him to play classic era Morbid Angel from the Alters of Madness, Blessed are the Sick, Covenant and Dominate albums.

As part of Morbid Angel Vincent was highly involved in the conception of the Death Metal genre back in the late 80’s and early 90’s as his innovative deep growling vocals helped define the evolution of what Death Metal is today. Along with Vincent on vocals and bass, I Am Morbid consists of former Morbid Angel drummer Tim Yeung as well as guitarists Ira Black (Lizzy Borden, Westfield Massacre) and Bill Hudson (Dirkschneider, Trans Siberian Orchestra). Each of these musicians has a solid metal pedigree and as a whole this band is a Death Metal machine.

After playing several shows in Europe in 2017, I Am Morbid made their live debut in the USA for a one off show on Wednesday night January 31 at the world famous Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood. With several local bands performing on this night, Hollywood’s own Darksun provided direct support for I Am Morbid.

After Darksun crushed the Whisky with a set of ultra-Heavy Metal that included covers from Sepultura and Pantera, I Am Morbid took the stage at 10:30pm and pummeled The Whisky for 70 minutes of Morbid Angel classics and deep cuts. In attendance, this night at The Whisky was Behemoth frontman Nergal and Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazaress.

I Am Morbid @ The Whisky A Go Go – 01/31/2018The anticipation for the band to hit the stage was high as Morbid Angel and all Death Metal fans are quite passionate about their bands. The night started with “Immortal Rites” from Alters of Madness and immediately it was obvious this band was for real. Vincents voice seems to have grown healthier and deeper over time and he sounded perfect as the band went into “Fall from Grace”. Vincent pounded his signature Dean Demonater bass as his rhythm partner in crime Tim Yeung put on a display of inhuman drumming skills. Yeung proved himself replacing Pete Sandoval in Morbid Angel and he continued his insane abilities on this night.

The guitar duo of Ira Black and Bill Hudson proved more than worthy as they traded off solos on songs as the night went on – their whammy bars were certainly busy throughout the night. Both have a history playing metal and Vincent made two excellent choices in filling the guitar spots for I Am Morbid.

“Eyes to See, Ears to Hear” and “Dawn of the Angry” are two rare tracks that sounded amazing. The band even snuck in a killer rendition of “I Am Morbid” off the Illud Divinum Insanus album. Vincent hinted at the band making some new music which would be well received in the Death Metal world.

The band ended with “God of Emptiness” then “World of Shit” to a rowdy pumped up crowd of classic Morbid Angel fans. This band needs to be seen and fingers crossed for some type of US tour to be announced in the near future.

I Am Morbid Setlist:

Immortal Rites | Fall From Grace | Visions of the Darkside | Blessed are the Sick | Rapture | Pain Divine | Eyes to See, Ears to Hear | I Am Morbid | Maze of Torment | Dominate | Where the Slime Live | Dawn of the Angry | God of Emptiness | World of Shit