Accept @ The Rose – 09/29/2018German Heavy Metal Heavyweights Accept made a stop at The Rose in Pasadena on Saturday night September 29 for a 21 song history lesson on Heavy Metal. These veterans played a perfect mixture of newer, classic and older material with the night kicked off by “Die by the Sword” off their latest album, 2017’s The Rise of Chaos.

The new material has the guitar driven, thick bass Accept is known for and blends in well with their back catalog. Vocalist Mark Tornillo often interacting with guitarist and founding member Wolf Hoffman onstage growled through each song and often steps aside allowing Hoffman to display his guitar talents as he wails through all the solos in dynamic fashion. Hoffman is an absolute joy to watch perform – in addition to his phenomenal guitar mastery, he is the king of silly guitar faces and poses. It is beyond obvious he is thoroughly enjoying himself and loves to perform and interact with photographers and fans. Second guitarist Uwe Lulis although often taking a backseat to Hoffman’s flamboyant style is no slouch playing his six string.

The sum of the two guitarists equals a deadly delivery as both Hoffman and Lulis would take center stage a few times as they harmonized the leads.

Peter Baltes gives Hoffman a run for his money as the most dynamic member of the band as he himself plucks his bass strings always wearing a smile as he flails his curly mop of hair. Baltes and Hoffman would frequently stand side-by-side as they would headband and move their instruments back and forth in unison. As all this activity was going on during the show, drummer Christopher Williams sitting high upon his drum riser held down the beat as he pounded the heck out of his kit all night long.

The show ended with the upbeat “Fast as a Shark” and the band returned to the stage for a blistering four song encore – “Demon’s Night”, “Midnight Mover” and then the bands biggest, most well-known song, the metal anthem “Balls to the Wall” followed by the last song of the night, taking you all the way back to 1980, “I’m a Rebel”.

Accept Setlist:

Die by the Sword | Stalingrad | Restless and Wild | T.V. War | Pandemic | Koolaid | No Regrets | Analog Man | Final Journey | Shadow Soldiers | Guitar Solo | Neon Nights | Princess of the Dawn | Monsterman | Up to the Limit | Metal Heart | Teutonic Terror | Fast as a Shark

Encore: Demon’s Night | Midnight Mover | Balls to the Wall | I’m a Rebel


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