Stone Sour @ House of Blues Anaheim - 12/11/2018Vocalist Corey Taylor cannot be left out of the conversation for the busiest man in the music business as Taylor fronts two of the biggest bands in the world, Slipknot and Stone Sour. Flip flopping between the two bands every couple of years, Stone Sour released Hydrograd in June of 2017 and have toured the world in support of that album playing huge festivals, small intimate venues and everything in-between. The touring cycle for Hydrograd came to an end as Stone Sour played the last show in support of that album on Tuesday night December 11 at House of Blues in Anaheim and went out with a bang! Opening the show on this night were the dynamic young rockers Joyous Wolf and the big rock sound of Aeges.

Since 2002 Stone Sour has released six albums and developed into undoubtedly one of the biggest rock n roll bands in existence. Their music is a flavor of hard rock with a sprinkle of heavy metal that can have you banging your head as well as riding an emotional roller-coaster with slower ballads. The band wasted no time getting the party started with a few songs off Hydrograd. Corey Taylor is one of the best frontman out there today as he is just a madman with his passion for the music and constantly headbanging and getting the crowd into the show. His vocal ability is magical as he can sing anything and sound fantastic doing it. Stone Sour really allows Taylor to experiment outside the box of Slipknot and proves how amazing he is.

Taylor took center stage alone with an acoustic guitar for a killer version of “Bother”. He then introduced rhythm guitarist Josh Rand who has been with Taylor in Stone Sour since 2002 and thanked him for the wild ride. Then Taylor stated that he tells every crowd in every country that if anyone thinks Rock is dead they can perform an act on a certain part of his body . . . and that Rock was alive and well as demonstrated by the 1800 fans in attendance.

Stone Sour @ House of Blues Anaheim - 12/11/2018In addition to Rand on rhythm guitar, Christian Martucci handles the lead guitar duties with hard hitting drummer Roy Mayorga and bass player Johny Chow holding down the rhythm section. After the band introductions things got heavy with “30-30/150” followed by “Get Inside” and “Reborn”. The main set ended with the beautiful “Through Glass” before a two song encore of “Made of Scars” and “Fabuless”.




This was the last the world will likely see of Stone Sour until the next album probably a good three years out as Taylor will now focus on Slipknot. An amazing set by an amazing band fueled by an amazing crowd on this night – Thank You Stone Sour!

Opening the show was Southern California’s own Joyous Wolf, enough cannot be said about these young rockers whose sound is the perfect blend of hard rock, classic rock with a bit of the blues missed in. Vocalist Nick Reese, guitarist Blake Allard, bassist Greg Braccio, and drummer Robert Sodaro equal the perfect band who in addition to having a genuine sound, have a killer stage presence, especially Reese who has the looks and the moves and performs quite an array of gymnastic moves including flips and backbends on stage.

In addition to their original material they played a killer version of Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” during their set. The perfect tour for 2019 would be Greta Van Fleet with Joyous Wolf – two young powerhouse bands sounding fresh and modern yet bringing back the sounds of the 70’s.

Another Southern California band Aeges from Los Angeles played after Joyous Wolf and continued the hard rock onslaught with a piercing 40 minute set led by guitarist and vocalist Kemble Walters. Aeges sound fit like a glove in between Joyous Wolf and Stone Sour.

Stone Sour Setlist:

YSIF | Taipei Person / Allah Tea | Do Me a Favor | Knievel Has Landed | Whiplash Pants | Absolute Zero | Bother | Tired | Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I) | 30/30-150 | Get Inside | Reborn | Song #3 | Through Glass

Encore: Made of Scars | Fabuless

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