There is no doubt System of a Down is one of the biggest bands on the planet and fans have been salivating for new SOAD music for years, well the next best thing is Daron Malakian’s Scars on Broadway. Malakian released the first Scars on Broadway album in 2008 then after a long hiatus their sophomore disc Dictator was released in July 2018. Both Dictator and their first release showcase Malakian’s talent as a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist and it is quite apparent after hearing these that Malakian is no doubt the main creative force in System of a Down.

Out for a five date West Coast mini-tour, Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway made a stop in Santa Ana at The Observatory on Thursday night March 7. With no opening act, fans were treated to two hours of kick-ass music as Scars on Broadway played both their albums in their entirety along with opening the night with a new song “Animal”. Malakian had the capacity crowd on their toes all night jumping and moshing along with each song as he belted out lyrics that were politically charged mixed in with social issues, war and sexual innuendos coupled with his catchy riffs and electric stage presence.

The band consists of a talented group of musicians that includes Orbel Babayan on guitar, bassist Niko Chantziantoniou and the extremely hard hitting drummer Roman Lomtadze. Fan favorites that had The Observatory bouncing were “Fucking”, “Angry Guru”, “Chemicals” and “Fuck and Kill”. About half-way through the set there was a commotion at the front of the stage with the fans crowd surfing and security. Malakian commented that in all his years on stage he had never seen a fan puking as he was being pulled over the barrier and then proceeded to dedicate the next song to “Puke Boy”.

The band ended their set with “They Say” and Malakian sans guitar took a leap into the crowd to end the night. Scars on Broadway is the real deal and honestly based on this show gives System of A Down a run for their money. Daron Malakian is a creative genius and his musical talent shines bright with Scars on Broadway. Although they don’t seem to tour much, catch them if you can as the experience will definitely be one that won’t be soon forgotten.