The second incarnation of the Chaos and Carnage Tour is a beast, headlined by two of the heaviest most brutal bands on the planet, Whitechapel and Dying Fetus. Rounding out the massive lineup are extreme music heavyweights Revocation, Fallujah, Spite, Uncured and Carnifex. With seven bands this is almost a mini-festival each night of the tour with an extreme flavor for everyone.

Revocation, Fallujah, Spite, Uncured and Carnifex kicked off the brutality at House of Blues in Anaheim on Friday night May 3 with a packed house of metalheads creating lots of circle pits, crowd surfing, bumps and bruises. That in itself is quite a show and at this point with Dying Fetus up next things were about to get insane. Still out supporting their June 2017 release Wrong One to Fuck With, Dying Fetus is one of the most intensely brutal Death Metal bands both lyrically and musically.

Their 60 minute set highlighted material off Wrong One to Fuck With sprinkled with songs from their entire catalog. Dying Fetus is an extremely tight band that showcases each members musical talents respectively. The dual vocals of guitarist John Gallagher and bassist Sean Beasley are some of the most guttural, haunting noises produced from a human being as they trade off during songs while beating their instruments. Beasley creates the catchiest bass hooks in metal while drummer Trey Williams is a blast-beat machine throughout the show.

The band ended the set with the vicious title track off Wrong One to Fuck With which incited the biggest mosh pit of the night and was a perfect way to end this onslaught of extreme Death Metal.

Whitechapel have elevated themselves to the top of the extreme metal world over the last 12 years with seven ferocious albums and never ending touring. Out supporting their critically acclaimed March 2019 release The Valley, Whitechapel is firing on all cylinders as they decimate venues every night. Vocalist Phil Bozeman is without a doubt one of the top death metal vocalist in the game today with his bludgeoning growls, vocal inflection and clean melodic vocals.

With the strength of the new album, the band opened the show with four songs off The Valley which immediately had the House of Blues in frenzied circle pits and never ending crowd surfing. The three guitar attack of Zach Householder, Alex Wade and Ben Savage each armed with a seven-string guitar provide some serious low tuned power chords while bass player Gabe Crisp pounds out the rhythms with touring drummer Alex Rudinger.

The remainder of the set focused on older material with a few songs from Mark of the Blade and Our Endless War. Bozeman kept the focus on the music with little in-between song banter and the night ended with of course, the pummeling “The Saw is the Law”. Whitechapel proved once again they are the leader of the pack in extreme music. The Chaos and Carnage tour runs through May 17 ending in North Carolina.

Dying Fetus Setlist:

In the Trenches | Fixated on Devastation | One Shot, One Kill | Grotesque Impalement | From Womb to Waste | Panic Amongst the Herd | Destroy the Opposition | Eviscerated Offspring | Seething With Disdain | Subjected to a Beating | Wrong One to Fuck With

Whitechapel Setlist:

When a Demon Defiles a Witch | Forgiveness Is Weakness | Brimstone | Black Bear | The Void | Mark of the Blade | Elitist Ones | Make It Bleed | I, Dementia | Hate Creation | Brotherhood | Let Me Burn | Our Endless War | The Saw Is the Law

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