The second leg of Blink-182’s 20th Anniversary Enema Of The State Tour kicked off in Irvine on Tuesday, August 28th to a nearly packed venue at the FivePoint Amphitheatre. In what was originally billed as a co-headline tour with Lil Wayne, this stop on the 43 city run unfortunately saw the rapper cancel his appearance only hours before he was set to perform.

Long considered this summer’s ‘odd couple’ tour, it has been a newsworthy few months with Lil Wayne threatening to drop off the tour after a show in Virginia – only to pivot shortly after and stay the course. This Irvine cancellation was originally blamed on “unforeseen circumstances” (posted outside the venue only hours prior to showtime), later the rapper took to social media to blame it on ‘airplane issues’. 

Nevertheless, openers Neck Deep (a fun upstart English pop punk outfit) benefited with a later start time, pushed back from the unfortunate last second cancellation. Granted with an additional 15 minutes of stage time, the band tore through 10 songs that included “Motion Sickness” and their latest single “She’s A God”. Their high energy set was a great warmup for Blink, with the exposure from this tour expect to see and hear more from these Welsh boys in the near future.

Honoring the 20th year since the original release of Enema Of The State (Blink-182’s third studio album), the first portion of their 90 minute set focused on the iconic 1999 album. The band played the entire album “front to back”, which lead singer and bassist Mark Hoppus later quipped that is how you ‘should wipe’.

With a new album set to drop in a few weeks on September 20th, the next tour will most certainly focus on newer material. This evening however the spotlight was on the album that brought us the classics “All The Small Things”, “Adam’s Song” and “What’s My Age Again?”. Matt Skiba, now in his 4th year since taking over guitar and vocal responsibilities for Tom DeLonge, has comfortably fit in well with Barker and Hoppus … however there’s still definitely less banter in between songs.

A stage full of LED screens and stacked monitors provided a cool backdrop while a drum kit front & center for master percussionist Travis Barker completed the presentation. During the band’s third song “Aliens Exist”, large inflatable blue and green aliens were released into the pit and made their way back towards the grandstands. The band made their way through the album and finished appropriately with “Anthem”. Although the crowd responded best to the hits, the band made sure to bring energy and props to the lesser known tunes.

Hoppus and Skiba immediately split up left the stage, sprinting to the back of the floor area at the venue.  Although they were separated by at least a hundred yards in different sections, they played two quick acoustic songs after Hoppus jokingly mentioned that they were contractually obligated to play more songs. “Down” was first up followed by 1996’s “Wasting Time”.  

After a short intermission, the trio returned with “Bored To Death” which incorporated fire into the mix and saw Skiba add a tropical captain hat to his wardrobe. Chicago rapper Vic Mensa joined the band onstage for a cool version of “I Miss You”, taking over vocal responsibility during the first verse. Skiba jumped in on vocals during the second verse, ultimately leading into an extended version of the song which saw Barker shine again on drums.

“Blame It On My Youth”, the lead single off of the new album Nine (ironically it is only the band’s eight studio album) definitely has the Blink/pop punk vibe and brought streamers to the screaming crowd. Hoppus later joked that soon-to-be-released Nine is the ‘greatest album that’s ever been recorded’.  

“First Date” brought even more fire and “Happy Holidays, You Bastard” was played completely in the dark. The 1997 mega hit “Dammit” put a bow on the evening that took OC Blink fans on a nostalgic journey back to the days of the Y2K scare, Napster and MySpace. 

Blink has a handful of festival dates on the schedule including headline responsibility at the 15th annual Riot Fest in Chicago on Friday, September 13th and Aftershock in Sacramento on Saturday, October 12th. They continue on their co-headline tour with Lil Wayne (surely tentatively each night going forward), wrapping up in late September with scheduled shows in Denver, St. Louis, Detroit and Brooklyn still on the calendar.

Blink-182 Set List:

Dumpweed | Don’t Leave Me | Aliens Exist | Going Away To College | What’s My Age Again? | Dysentery Gary | Adam’s Song | All The Small Things | The Party Song | Down The Stairs | Mutt | Family Reunion | Wendy Clear | Anthem | Down | Wasting Time | Bored To Death | I Miss You | Blame It On My Youth | Violence | First Date | Happy Holidays, You Bastard | Dammit

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