K. Flay

k.flay brought her “The Solutions” world tour to Los Angeles on Wednesday night with a very energetic show at The Wiltern.

Opening the night was Your Smith. I had never heard of Caroline Smith before, even though she now calls LA home. After doing some research post show it appears that she usually performs with a full band, however at this show she was performing with just her midi controller and laptop, and it was very refreshing to watch. It’s amazing when solo artists are able to still rock out and bring an amazing show while utilizing a track in place of a band. It is a very risky move, sometimes it fails miserably, however this worked perfectly. The catchy female power anthems resonated with the crowd,  which was mostly female at this show.  Smith will be out touring the world with k.flay through the middle of November in support of her new EP ‘Wild Wild Women’.

Second up was the very talented Meg Myers. Myers took the stage to a very loud and raucous applause, making it obvious that she was definitely a welcome addition to this show.  Myers is not on the tour, but was added to this show, and I am very happy she was. Sadly throughout the show Myers was struggling with technical issues with her in-ear monitors, which seemed to visibly distract the artist as she was very frequently making hand gestures to her on-stage tech trying to get the mix in her ears proper. After the first song Myers walked off the stage to have a discussion with the tech, only returning to the stage and repeating to them that she couldn’t hear her own vocals. Luckily for the fans in attendance the mix within the venue sounded amazing, and Myers did an excellent job of pushing through. For an artist like Myers who not only sings her music, but feels every word, I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been for her. I applaud her for pushing through and delivering a stellar performance regardless. You can catch Myers next down in San Diego on 11/20 at the Music Box.

Last and definitely not least was the one and only k.flay. Having seen k.flay come up through the years I was very excited to see how she has progressed as not only an artist, but a performer. It was nice to see her with a small stage setup of a multi-level structure.

As the show opened the show in silhouette crouched at the top of her steps as Gary Glitters “Rock and Roll Pt 2” played in the background she instructed the crowd “Right now I want everyone in this room to think about somebody that matters to you. Something you care about. Hold it in your mind, and focus on it, that’s what tonight is for.“

With that aside – the show was an absolute lesson in perfection. After the brief intro played, the lights drop to complete black.  As the first notes of “Not in California” ring out the crowd erupted in pure joy.

The amazing 19 song set wound its way through her entire catalog with highlights being a stripped back acoustic version mid set of “Nervous” and “Can’t Sleep.”  k.flay ended the night with the anthem “High Enough” bringing the crowd to a full on sing along. The crows cheared wildly before she returned to the stage for her current single “Sister” off of the 2019 album ‘Solutions’ before closing the night with probably her most popular song “Blood in the Cut” off her 2017 album ‘Every Where is Some Where’

k.flay has a few more stateside shows this weekend as she heads to the Austin City Limits festival and then Denver, CO before heading overseas for a month. Hopefully we will see her on some of the holiday radio shows in town.

k. flay Setlist
Not in California | This Baby Don’t Cry | Bad Vibes | Black Wave | Giver | Make Me Fade | Good News | Champagne | I Like Myself (Most of the Time) | Nervous (acoustic) | Can’t Sleep (acoustic) | Fuck & Run | DNA | Only The Dark | Ice Cream | So Fast, So Maybe | High Enough | ENCORE Sister | Blood In The Cut


Meg Myers

Your Smith