Virtual live shows are becoming the norm currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and there is nothing that beats an in person live show but there are a few benefits to a virtual online show; No traffic to get to the venue, don’t have to pay for parking, no waiting in-line to use the restroom or to buy merch, beer is much cheaper at home and there is no sweaty guy body odor wafting through the air. You have to focus on the positive aspects of all this as it is all we have at the moment . . .

Deathcore heavyweights Suicide Silence played the second day and third show of their virtual world tour on Friday July 3rd that runs through the end of the month. caught their “Los Angeles” performance at 7:00pm PST that included a 45 minute live performance that had various pre-recorded comedy skits with the band members in-between every few songs as well as a chat window for fans and even a virtual merch table all ending with a virtual Q & A.

This was a fantastic production with multiple cameras, the stage lighting was equal to that of a live show and there was even smoke bellowing onto the stage. The band consisting of vocalist Eddie Hermida, guitarists Mark Heylmun and Chris Garza, bass player Dan Kenny and drummer Alex Lopez hammered out 10 songs with all the aggression and head-banging of a typical live show. Apparently every stop on the virtual tour has a different set list and fans even get to vote on songs to be played (for this show “Destruction of a Statue” was chosen by the fans – very fitting in this unsettled time in the USA).

Hermida started the show telling the fans that “It’s time to brutalize your own living room” . . . other tongue in cheek in-between song banter included, “Start a pit around your Mom”, “Circle pit in the kitchen”, “This is where we usually do a wall of death, instead lift up your pets and mosh” and “Jump off your couch right now”. Th band was not only having fun playing but having fun with the situation. Some funny sayings from the fans in the chat during the show included “I just broke my coffee table by jumping off my couch and diving right into it”, “I hope I catch a drumstick” and “My cats are moshing”. Definitely a great vibe and surely a much needed dose of live music for all the Suicide Silence fans. At the end of the show, Heylmun stated “That was the BEST crowd yet” . . .

Songs played included “Two Steps”, “You Only Live Once”, “No Pity for a Coward” and the set closer “Hold Me Up”. Once the live music ended various video clips were shown from the upcoming “Live Life Hard” DVD that included lots of footage of the late Mitch Lucker (RIP) as well as ads from some of the sponsors that included Nuclear Blast and ESP guitars.

A 30 minute Q & A had fans asking the band questions such as “Who is your favorite UFC Fighter?”, “What is your favorite video game?”, “Who would you like to collaborate with?” and many, many more. The band had a great time answering all these questions but the last question of the night was the best; directed at Hermida . . . “Will we ever see All Shall Perish and Suicide Silence tour together – if so who would headline?” and Hermida’s answer was a big NO.

The band thanked everyone for attending stating that they are doing this for the fans. A GREAT way to spend 90 minutes and if you are a fan of Suicide Silence or just looking to get a fix of some live extreme music definitely check out one of the upcoming virtual tour dates. All dates and ticket info are at

Photo Gallery (Screen shots form the performance):