LANY brought their GG BB XX tour to Nashville last night. The boys kicked off leg two of their tour with a performance for a very rambunctious and packed Ascend Amphitheater last night.

Opening the show last night and if I am being honest, one of the main reasons I wanted to cover this show, was the amazing Alana Springsteen. The newly 21 year old from Virginia Beach performed to a very appreciative crowd. Many times the opening act on a 3 artist bill, plays to an empty house, or to people who seem uninterested, which was not the case last night. Having been making her way around the Nashville circuit for awhile, last night was practically a hometown show, and it showed as many in the crowd were singing along, and very much engaged in the performance.

Springsteen kicked the show off with “California” which is the opening song off her newly released second EP “History of Breaking Up (Part One).” With her foot on the gas the entire set, Springsteen steamrolled right through a fast face 9 song set, with very little in between stage banter. The crowds participation and constant overwhelming screams showed that they were definitely there for Springsteen. Maybe it’s just the atmosphere inside the venue, or maybe the crowd was just falling in love with Springsteen. If I was a betting man, I would suspect this is only the beginning for this young superstar as she I ain’t looking in the rearview anytime soon and I am pretty sure she gives Zero Trucks if you disagree with that.

Up next was the self proclaimed loaner Keshi, he mentioned on stage that he doesn’t like to do things with others. He writes, performs, records, and produces everything himself inside his home studio. The 26yr old from Houston brought his slowed down sultry sounds to the venue, mix that in with the heavy bass and electro vibes, and he kept the crowd that Springsteen already had fired up ready for the headliner.

As the lights dimmed and the video screens lit up, the crowd shrieked as it jumped to it’s feet in anticipation to the trio know as LANY to take the stage. Vocalist Paul Klein immediately took the crowd into the palm of his hand, and proceeded to send them over the edge of excitement. Klein I think managed to walk over ever inch of that stage, as he never stops moving during the show, spending time on stage and also in the crowd.

Alana Springsteen




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