Record label Dirty Hit brought beabadobee and her label mates BLACKSTARKIDS to Cat’s Cradle on Tuesday night for Bea’s latest “Fake it Flowers” album that was released last year.

BLACKSTARKIDS started the night strong with their high energy setlist that pushed a Tyler The Creator-sounding hip-hop and rap setlist with a few popular snippets of covers tracks, like a brief cut of the notorious emcee Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.”

The 90’s style sound continued in beabadoobee’s setlist, but she altered the vibe from 90’s hip-hop and rap, to the classic burnt-out 90’s grunge sound. What was so interesting about her set was the paradoxical nature of her music. She is a connoisseur of the art of weaving in contrasting sounds to create unity among individual parts that seem very contradicting. She started most of her songs with her beautiful, pure voice and her low, alternated-tuned guitar laced with reverb and chorus effects. Yet, in many of her songs, this gentle, humble sound takes a 180 degree turn for the chorus where all distort pedals are stomped on and all hell breaks loose for all the instruments on stage. This unique, paradoxical 90’s grunge sound create a profound sonic experience that coordinates with the lyrics of bea’s songs as well. Her songs are deeply honest and wrestle with darkness and light in a way that draws lots of fans to her music. Her words are a beautiful and honest articulation of the parts of the human experience that we often struggle to put words to.