Smallpools brought the second night of their “Life in the Stimulation” tour to North Carolina last night with a performance in the intimate Motorco Music Hall in Durham.

Smallpools’ West Coast-energized album “Life in the Stimulation” was released a little over two weeks ago. It provides an anthemic look into the strange turn of the world over the last year and a half. Although the album is freshly released, many fans belted every lyric on the setlist from front the back last night. The crowds’ energy and cheering crescendoed as the band transitioned one of their top tracks, “Mother,” into the infamous “Creep” by Radiohead. As the evening rolled on, the crowd packed closer and closer together and simultaneously jumped hysterically as lead singer Sean Scanlon ran into the crowd and commanded a mosh pit with his “when I jump, you jump” command. The band humorously pulled out an inflatable killer whale and threw it in the crowd during their hit “Killer Whales,” and the fans propelled the whale’s flight with their cheering hands as the 80’s synth drove the song home.