On the heels of his Parabellum album releasing this summer, swedish neo-classical shredder Yngwie Malmsteen brought his Parabellum tour to the Tulsa Theater this Friday night. 

A tour that originally included John 5, ( John pulled out of the tour earlier this year amidst COVID concerns) Malmsteen received support from bands Images of Eden, Sunlord and this show included Tulsa locals GRIND. 

Before even taking the stage, the wall of over 10 Marshall amplifier stacks and just as many Malmsteen signature Fender Stratocasters let the crowd know what they are in for before the music even begins. 

The first group, Tulsa natives GRIND were met with plenty of cheers and applause from the crowd as they took the stage.

By the end of their set it was clear this crowd was ready for some live music.

Next up was Sunlord, NYC hard trio, which provided a bit of a change of pace musically. A much darker, aggressive, and fast sound filled the room as frontman Al Ferrazza both delivered aggressive vocals as well as blistering riffs and solos sometimes all within the same song.

The last of the openers and seemingly the crowd favorite was Images of Eden. A band with a more progressive metal sound. With Big vocals, complex instrumentation and lyrics that deal with very heavy themes; addiction, loss, depression, the band provided an emotional performance that the whole crowd, fan or not, could resonate with. 

After three solid openers, the moment finally arrived. The lights dim to a faded orange, the hum of the amps fill the room, and just about as many fog machines as there were amps went off.

Malmsteen emerged from the smoke immediately jumping into fan favorite “Rising Force” giving the crowd some of his signature kicks and threw out almost an entire mic stand worth of guitar pics to an excited crowd.

During his over 20 song set, fans were met with both classics and new songs off of the Parabellum album. In what might be a pleasant surprise to someone not as familiar with Yngwie’s music, some of the new music includes vocals from the man himself. All while shredding scales in typical Malmsteen fashion that makes it almost look easy.  Almost.

It only takes a quick look at some Youtube comments or Reddit threads to notice that Yngwie Malmsteen is a polarizing figure in the rock guitar world but love the man or hate him, his musical talent is one that we may never see again. 



Images of Eden

Yngwie Malmsteen