Iron Maiden front man Bruce Dickinson brought his spoken word tour to Nashville last night with an amazing show at the James K. Polk theater inside the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPac).

Dickinson spends the evening giving insights into his very colorful upbringing. The night starts where the story all begins, inside the womb. The 63 year old singer easily maneuvers the story tell in very animated and at times hysterical story telling. Not a stranger to story telling, as anyone who is an Iron Maiden fan knows, most of his songs are actually stories inside of a song.

While we know that Dickinson can command an audience and keep them in the palm of his hands, with his years fronting one of the most successful Heavy Metal bands in the world, but what we didn’t know was his comedic timing. Watching the show I couldn’t help but liken Dickinson’s on stage persona as reminding me of a young Robin Williams, now before the Williams fans lose their mind, I am not speaking about the comedic genius of Williams, but more the manner that Dickinson would seamlessly transition from his story telling voice, into acting out a characters portion of the story for emphasis, all while intertwining comedy throughout, all while masterfully calling back to previous stories of the night.

Dickinson’s stories cover all sorts of topics, his hate for golf, how he started his music career wanting to be a drummer and how that transitioned to vocals, to being expelled from school, to his first uses of marijuana, to his first gigs and subsequent touring with Samson. Many stories Dickinson uses the screen behind him to project images that go along with his stories.

This no holds barred night had Dickinson explaining in detail what he did to be expelled from school, as he is working his way through the story you have these thoughts going through your head “No he didn’t, oh my god, he did, no… not in his dinner, oh my god…. hysterical.”

As a life long Maiden fan I really loved his stories about the band, and making fun of Niko and how crazy Drummers are. The stories about having to gag Niko in the studio when they record because he used to like to curse every time he hit a symbol.

If you are wanting a night of Iron Maiden stories, this isn’t the show for you. While he touches and goes through some of the Maiden days, he pretty much sticks to a handful of stories and then quickly gets to present day. The final section of the night has Dickinson talking about his recent battle with Cancer.

After just over 2 hours Dickinson takes a break for a short intermission, however there is a treat during that intermission, where the new Iron Maiden video “The Writing On The Wall” was played on the big screen and LOUD.. After a short time Dickinson returns to the stage to answer questions submitted by the audience prior to the show.

All in all, this night was an absolute joy to attend. I imagine Dickinson could do this tour every year for the rest of his life, and never run out of stories to tell, and If that is the case I will be in attendance each time. The tour continues to travel across the US, so be sure to check it out when it comes to your town.