LA based EDM artist Dillon Francis and Minnesota rapper Yung Gravy are currently on their “Sugar Spice and Everything Ice” Tour, a show that was pushed back twice due to COVID-19, and made their stop in Oklahoma City. Although it was a Monday night, that did not stop their fans from packing the place out. 

The tour itself is a co-headline tour, however each artist played about an hour of their own personal set and a final 20 mins of them both on stage together. 

Gravy, along with DJ tiiiiiiiiiip, (that’s Tip with 10 “i”s) took the stage first and performed viral hits such as “Whip a Tesla” “Welcome to Chilis” and  “1 thot 2 thot”

The rapper also took breaks throughout the show to throw plenty of not just water bottles, but all kinds of snacks to the crowd ranging from candy to boxes of cereal to lunchables. 

Gravy closed his set by performing crowd favorite “oops!” before leaving the crowd with an “I’ll be back soon.”

Dillon Francis took the stage shortly after and immediately met the crowd with eyeball shaking levels of bass and plenty of Co2 smoke blasts. Playing a mix of his own songs, mixed with radio and party hits. A crowd favorite of which was Runaway by Kanye West mixed into My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade.” The last 20 mins or so of the show brought back Yung Gravy to the stage to perform a few songs off his and Francis’s upcoming EP. They didn’t give exact details on the release of the EP, but if fans of the two missed out on this hell of a tour, they at least have some exciting new music to look forward to.