Monday night DJ/ Producers ‘Two Friends’, constituted of members Eli Sones and Matthew Halper, brought their Adventureland tour to Raleigh, North Carolina to perform for a sold-out house at The Ritz.

This duo is the mastermind behind the infamous annual mixes they release that are the anthem of every college party. Because The Ritz is within forty-five minutes of three massive hubs of college students, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, and Duke, the event was the talk of the town across the three local universities and sold out… despite being on a Monday and a school night!

As the lights began to dim, the thundering roar of the college-age crowd amplified as the duo took the stage. Two Friends played a one-and-a-half-hour set that made the rounds through all of their best remixes and mashups. Sones and Halper have a strong sense of humor and personality which came through as they integrated humorous little jaunts in their set where they engaged the crowd. My personal favorite was when they stopped their set to show a picture of their dog “Cookie,” and the entire crowd on their count of three yelled to greet the puppy back at home. When the energy seemed to be peaking at their show, Sones brought out a sound meter and displayed the decibel levels of the crowds during prior concerts on their tour. On their count, the crowd screamed at the top of their lungs, and I was not surprised at all when the decibel meter results came in and the Raleigh crowd broke the tour record for the loudest show.