It’s not every day you come across a band whose music you could describe as equal parts sit-around-and-have-a-drink-with-your-friends and ponder about life in the mountains all at the same time. However that’s just about exactly what CAAMP does. Frontman Taylor Meier’s raspy but unique voice produces what the band perfectly self proclaims as “Beautiful Noise.” Their music is catchy, but heartfelt. Melancholic , nostalgic and hopeful all at once.

The Ohio based folk trio brought their outdoorsy sound to a sold out Cain’s Ballroom Friday night to a mixed crowd of both young and old alike. Accompanying them was also Ohio based band Oliver Hazard.

The band is currently finishing up the last leg of their midwest winter tour and it’s not a midwest tour without a stop at historic Cains Ballroom. While we have not got a full length album release since 2019, the band has put out several singles as well as a live EP, but given the two year live music “break” we’ve had we can only assume and hope some new music is in the near future.

Energy in the venue was already high as opener Oliver Hazard took the stage. The band stated this was their first time in Oklahoma and were greeted with plenty of cheers and raised beer glasses.

Caamp took the stage at about 9 and immediately went into fan favorites such as “Huckleberry Love” “and “Vagabond”

The band knows just how to control the energy of the room from somber tunes such as “Strawberries” then bringing the mood right back up with upbeat singalongs like “I Keep Going.”

For a headlining show, the band played a seemingly short set at right about an hour but that didn’t stop the sold out crowd from hanging on to every minute and every word of every song. 

If you missed out on this tour, the trio is about to open for The Lumineers on a massive arena tour starting in May.

Oliver Hazard