On February 24, 2022 Hippie Sabotage came to the Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina. Brothers Kevin Saurer and Jeff Saurer created Hippie Sabotage from  dreams of playing music together in middle school. Hippie Sabotage now collaborates with many artist such as Tov Lo, who featured the brothers in one of her songs, gaining them popularity within the EDM community. 

Hippie Sabotage is touring across  North America with Daisy Guttridge on their “Rooms of Hallucination tour.”  Daisy Guttridge has incredible talent and mix Daisy’s r voice, with Hippie Sabotage’s colorful visuals, and their EDM DJ skills you have a show that is not only entertaining, but also visually appealing and quiet mind blowing leaving fans dancing along and getting entranced into their music. 

Daisy Guttridge

Hippie Sabotage