Today, Jeris Johnson releases his highly-anticipated debut album, I WANT BLOOD/i want love via 300 Entertainment. The boundary-breaking album features eleven songs, including lead singles “FRIDAY (feat. Trippie Redd),” “BURNING RUBBER,” “Going Ghost,” and “27 Club.” 

I WANT BLOOD/i want love is the paradigm of what Jeris refers to as ‘future grunge,’ a sonic wave that blends genre to the max. Between the dynamic title track that fuses experimental pop, rap with acoustic stylings and an industrial edge, to“CRISIS!,” which sits at the crossroads of hyperpop, grunge, and EDM, the glitchy nu-goth sound of “pain 2 hide, and the heartfelt acoustic melody of “life is underrated,” Jeris Johnson’s debut album is an enthralling medley of calculated chaos. 

The debut album encapsulates the two dueling sides of Jeris; ‘blood’ and ‘love’. On one hand, Jeris is a crooning soul searching for the loves of his life. On the other hand, he is brandishing his sword as he chases, in his own words, “blood and money.” The Blood|Love dichotomy is ever-present in I WANT BLOOD/i want love and allows fans to enter the universe of Jeris Johnson. The 11 track-album explores, questions, and dissects what it means to have two internal opposing sides in constant battle. Accompanied by a personality test that determines your Blood|Love archetype, listeners can partake in Jeris’s world alongside the music. Whether you’re a knight [Blood] or a sorcerer [Love], the real question is just how well do you know yourself?

Speaking of the album, Jeris shares, “Rock music is in trouble. I am the savior and I WANT BLOOD/i want love is your new bible. This is the album that rock music has needed for the past decade. Bringing rock into the future has been my mission since the day I started working on this album. The first half; I WANT BLOOD, is 6 songs for the side of me that wants to fuck the world with my giant sword and drown rock n roll in the blood of my enemies. The second half; i want love, is 6 songs for the side of me that also kinda just wants a girlfriend and to express myself in a way that’s a bit more meaningful to me personally. These are two parts of me, and they come together to make an album that I’m genuinely proud to share with the world.

As he wraps up a cross country run with Falling in Reverse + Hawthorne Heights tonight at the Hollywood Palladium, Jeris is headed full force into this new era and bringing ‘future grunge’ to the forefront.

I WANT BLOOD/i want love’ Tracklist:

  1. I WANT BLOOD/i want love
  3. CRISIS!
  4. FRIDAY (feat. Trippie Redd)
  6. pain 2 hide
  7. 27 Club
  8. Drown
  9. Going Ghost
  10. Afterlife
  11. life is underrated