Thursday night was a wild one in Minneapolis. Russell Dickerson brought his All Yours, All Night tour through town to the nearly sold out Fillmore right in the heart of downtown. With temperatures at a blistering 1 degrees greeting attendees (and a filled up coat check), the stage was set for an intense, intimate night of pop country. 

Breland opened the night with a heartwarming, sincere set of rap come country tunes. Breland professed a certain infatuation with Nelly and played a few of his songs, noting that he drew a lot of inspiration from Nelly’s melding of the two seemingly disparate genres. He honored those inspirations with exciting hits like Praise the Lord and My Truck, which true to his statements were a captivating mixture of the two sounds. To cap off his set, he asked if anyone in the crowd was good at shotgunning and brought a girl – Katie- onto stage. Sadly for Katie, this would be the first night that bassist – Christian – would finally win the shotgun contest.

Following the intensity of Breland, Russell Dickerson opens in darkness. His band assembles on stage in the dark as an orchestral tone is set overhead, and then lights fall upon Russell – bathed in fog and flight, throwing horns up to the sky. He wastes no time getting right down to business – a hit-heavy set list follows with highlights like Come to Jesus and She Likes It (featuring friend Jake Scott). Of Come to Jesus, Dickerson gave special praise to his wife, saying that the song was inspired by her, intended to convey that she was so important to him that it made him believe in God. Dickerson was flying all over the stage during every song, getting as clone to fans as the high stage at the Fillmore would allow and throwing out the occasional high five. In short, he could tell that the show was populated with fanatics and he was happy to give them what they wanted.


Russell Dickerson