Cannibal Corpse . . . these Death Metal veterans have been viciously assaulting stages across the world since 1988 and today they remain one of the top Death Metal bands in existence. Labeled as innovators, God-Fathers of the genre, the most brutal band on earth – they are all that but in the year 2022 they are also LEGENDS – paving the way for so many Death Metal bands that have followed in their footsteps. Three of those bands – Shadow of Intent, Revocation and Whitechapel are currently out on Tour supporting Cannibal Corpse and they all made a stop at The Observatory in Santa Ana on Saturday night March 12 for a SOLD-OUT show.

This being the third of four shows in California, Cannibal Corpse is supporting their April 2021 release Violence Unimagined – their 15th studio album featuring some of their most disturbing album artwork ever and this band continues to pump out Grade-A, quality Death Metal as nobody else can.

Connecticut Deathcore Shadow of Intent kicked off this Saturday night of insanity and The Observatory was packed as soon as doors opened. The short set by this hungry young band now 10 years into their extreme music journey was the perfect beginning to a wild night.

Up next was Revocation, led by vocalist/guitarist Dave Davidson, this killer band is referred to as “Technical Death Metal” due to their complex riffs and timings. Davidson, now sporting a long beard, is a master on his 7-string Jackson guitar while wailing out his vocals. This band is so tight, and their music is just blazingly fast and complex and the fans down in front did not disappoint with a serious moshpit throughout their set.  Revocation has finished recording their eighth studio album which is set for a fall 2022 release which will hopefully put them back out on the road soon after – a headline tour would be welcome.

Whitechapel has become one of the biggest names in the extreme music scene since their debut album The Somatic Defilement in 2007 and with their October 2021 release Kin they have demonstrated how diverse they can be with adding some slower components and clean vocals while maintaining the heaviness and brutality they are known for.

Vocalist Phil Bozeman has one of the most guttural vocal approaches in the business which blends in well with his melodic clean vocals. The band began their onslaught with three songs form their 2019 masterpiece The Valley and mixed in three songs from Kin as well as a few Whitechapel live staples “The Somatic Defilement” and “This is Exile”.

The down tuned three guitar attack of Ben Savage, Alex Wade and Zach Householder is ferocious and packed with heavy riffs while bassist Gabe Crisp and Brandon Zackey create the thunder. Santa Ana was certainly in the mood for a metal show as the floor was an endless circle pit with the Whitechapel die-hards raging the entire time.

The set ended with “The Saw is the Law” which took the insanity to the next level. Definitely a worthy opener for the mighty Cannibal Corpse and a must-see band.

The Cannibal Corpse chant started, and you could feel the electricity in the room and the anticipation was off the hook. The band appeared and took their respective places on stage backed by a large Cannibal Corpse banner and went into “The Time to Kill is Now” then “Scourge of Iron” followed by the new song “Inhumane Harvest”, the first of 3 songs off Violence Unimagined. By this time the body surfers were in full effect and the pit was at maximum velocity.

This band is truly larger than life as each member seems superhuman onstage, each a master at their craft. Corpsegrinder has the ultimate Death Metal voice, Alex Webster with his thick bass tone is perfectly in sync with the machine gun drumming of Paul Mazurkiewicz and the precision guitar command of Rob Barrett and Erik Rutan is pummeling.

If you have seen Cannibal Corpse live you know exactly what to expect – but that’s not a bad thing as they just deliver one of the heaviest live shows ever to be seen or heard. Corpsegrinder criticized the crowd for lack of headbanging and challenged them to a contest as the band went into the classic “I Cum Blood” and after that song there was no doubt, he is indeed the headbang/hair-whip king. In between songs Corpsegrinder would add a bit of humor as he addressed the crowd and always introducing the next song in a guttural deep Death Metal voice as only he can.

At one point a fan was seen leaving the venue on a stretcher with what looked like a leg injury – always a risk in the mosh pit, but he had a smile on his face, so maybe the injury was worth it. The band ended the night with two of their most savage songs from early on but still remain fan favorites – “Stripped, Raped and Strangled” and Hammer Smashed Face”. WOW – it was quite a Saturday night at The Observatory!! Death Metal is alive and well!!!

Cannibal Corpse Set List:

The Time to Kill Is Now | Scourge of Iron | Inhumane Harvest | Code of the Slashers | Fucked With a Knife | The Wretched Spawn | Gutted | Kill or Become | I Cum Blood | Evisceration Plague | Death Walking Terror | Necrogenic Resurrection | Condemnation Contagion | Unleashing the Bloodthirsty | Devoured by Vermin | A Skull Full of Maggots | Stripped, Raped and Strangled | Hammer Smashed Face

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