If you listened to alternative music at all in the early 2000s, then you are probably very familiar with emo legends Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional. The bands kicked off their “Surviving The Truth” tour this week, the second show of which was in Oklahoma City at The Criterion Theater

Jimmy Eat World technically headlined the tour, but you could argue this was closer to a co-headlining tour as Dashboard Confessional also performed an impressive 17 song setlist themselves, but more on that later. 

The seemingly sold out show opened with a performance by Phoenix Arizona singer songwriter Sydney Sprague.

An artist who before the tour I was not familiar with, but will now be on repeat for the foreseeable future. The 29 year old songwriter self describes her music as “feel bad indie rock” and a quick listen to tracks such as “end of the world” and “quitter” give you an exact idea of what that might sound like.

Opening up a show with a crowd of die hard and probably life long fans of the bands is no easy task but Sydney and her band all killed it and seemed to engage a good amount of the crowd which lets be honest, is an impressive feat as a younger opening act.

Florida singer, Chris Carrabba and his band Dashboard Confessional took the stage amidst a room full of cheers and although they just released their ninth album titled All The Truth That I Can Tell this past month, they kept the set to the classics. Playing only one song off their new albums but managed to play all their hits such as “Vindicated” and “Hands Down.” I think I even caught a security guard singing every word to emo singalong “Screaming Infidelities” at one point.

Jimmy Eat World came out of the gate swinging with back to back high energy favorites “Futures” “Pain” and “Bleed American.” You could feel the energy both coming from the crowd and obviously the band themselves so being in the photo pit between them was a bit surreal. The set continued with a mix of their slower acoustic heavy songs back into full band classics. For me personally Jimmy Eat World is one of those bands where every couple songs I found myself saying “Oh man I forgot about this one” just for it to happen again and again. Being a band for over 20 years, their catalog is as impressive as it is familiar. They finished the show with colossal emo anthems “Sweetness” and “The Middle.”

The tour just kicked off and is going through the end of the month and appears to be all over the Midwest and East Coast.

No word on any West coast plans from Dashboard Confessional but Jimmy Eat World will be making an appearance and performance at the massively viral “When We Were Young” festival in Vegas this fall. 

Syndey Sprague

Dashboard Confessional

Jimmy Eat World