Nearly two years ago to the day (March 3, 2020 to be exact), the Basement East was destroyed by a tornado that touched down in East Nashville, which closed the venue for close to year. Last night another form of tornado tore through the famous venue in the form of Dorothy.

The Los Angeles based band formed and fronted by Dorothy Martin put on a stellar performance which had the entire venue rocking with the horns up all night.

The band itself has undergone some changes as of late. The most notably is the addition of young Sam Bam Koltun on guitar. Koltun isn’t really new to the scene, as he has been playing with nearly everyone in music out in Los Angeles. Currently Koltun is the guitarist for BUDDERSIDE, Faster Pussycat, and now Dorothy. Look for this youngster to continue to progress and quickly will be one of the most sought after guitarists in the business.

Dorothy is a very seasoned vocalist who knows how to hold a crowd. Having only been in the recording business for just under a decade, Dorothy has remained a relatively indie-rock band, but is now getting the proper push they deserve. Bask in their inception Rolling Stone named them one of the Best New Artists of 2014. The artist has been up and down over the years, but seem to be firmly on the pace to rock stardom.

In a genre full of male fronted bands, obviously a female fronted band will stand out,It is easy to make the comparisons to Lzzy, Taylor or Marina, but it’s not the fact that Dorothy is fronted by a female that stands out, its the fact that this band plane out rocks hard.

Their new album Gifts from the Holy Ghost is just weeks away , releasing on April 22, 2022 via Roc Nation. Dorothy will be continuing her trek across North America through the end of May, be sure to catch the show in a town near you.