One of the weirdest and coolest music tours of early 2022 is John 5 & The Creatures along with The Haxans. What makes this tour interesting is you have one of the most naturally gifted guitarists on the planet John 5 (who is also a member of Rob Zombies band) along with his Rob Zombie bandmate Piggy D fronting the Goth Pop-Duo The Haxans alongside Ash Costello from New Year’s Day. Each of these Rock-Stars are brilliant in their “day-job” band but they are seemingly more brilliant fronting their own projects.

Friday night April 22, John 5 & The Creatures along with The Haxans played a thriller with no filler at The Garden Amphitheater in Garden Grove, CA. Out supporting his guitar driven 10th solo album SINNER, John 5 played the 4rth show of his current spring tour. The Haxans are along for the ride on select dates and kicked off the night with a 45-minute Monster Party.

This was a special show for The Haxans as vocalist Ash Costello was born in Anaheim and raised in Garden Grove so there was plenty of family and friends in attendance and with Piggy D living in the Los Angeles area he was not too far from home. In Rob Zombie’s band Piggy D plays bass but in the Haxans he moves over to the six string and plays guitar and shares the vocal duties with Costello. Piggy D (also known as Count D) certainly has the guitar player moves and awkward solo-faces down pat . . . and he also has a fantastic singing voice. With his take on a fu-manchu mustache and chin strip he has a Steven Tyler/Joe Perry look going on while performing onstage with The Haxans.

Costello is a suburb vocalist and has a great stage presence. Often interacting with the crowd to get them to move their hands and hips to their infectious songs, she had everyone’s eyes glued to the stage. The Haxans played songs from their first release Party Monsters that included “Lights Out”, “Black Cat Bone” as well as a new song – the haunting “All The Roses” which is also to be included on their upcoming release The Dead & Restless in October 2022. A high energy show that had the Graden Amp hopping – a perfect way to “warm up” those in attendance for Mr. John 5.

John 5 has become a dedicated road warrior since he started his solo tours in 2015 as he is constantly bouncing between being on the road with Rob Zombie and his band The Creatures. The band took the stage and delivered 75 minutes of guitar driven instrumentals demonstrating John 5’s inhuman skills on the six-string. The haunting “Season of the Witch” kicked off the night with John 5 standing on a platform center stage wearing multiple masks and playing a clear telecaster filled with green liquid with a violin bow – the ultimate introduction to John 5.

The band consists of long-time bass player Ian Ross on the 5-string bass and new drummer Alex Mercado who both are extremely talented musicians themselves – this super-duper power trio literally has you mesmerized from start to finish with their playing. With a 10 album back catalog John 5 played a mixture of new songs and old that includes slow songs, fast songs, heavy metal infused riffs, country chicken picken and everything in-between. John 5 brings out a mandolin and a banjo to jam on as well as his signature “Goldie” Fender Telecaster – this guy can play anything and make it sound incredible.

On this night you could see how much fun John 5 was having by the huge smile and his endless energy on stage. He addressed the crowd reminding them there are no vocals on any of his songs, but we all know that and are there to see and hear his unearthly guitar playing – he makes playing look criminally effortless as you watch his fingers move at lighting speed up and down the guitar neck.

John 5 brough out his “light up” guitar towards the end of the show for a rock riff driven medley that included hits from Foo Fighters, Van Halen, Megadeth, Rage Against the Machine and many, many more. The band then ended this magnificent night with “Creepshow” from the new album SINNER. It is hard to use the word greatest – John 5 may just be that – but he certainly is the most creative and innovative guitarists you will lay your ears on and that’s a fact!

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